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My Top 10 Nintendo Switch games for casual gamers, non-gamers, all family members young and old, kids and teens, and all gaming skill levels. These Switch games are great for everyone and are perfect as gifts for the holidays. I hope you enjoy! Become a member: Watch all my reviews in a playlist here: Twitter: http:/ / Instagram: Patreon: Merch: Facebook: https:// Discord: Paypal: Email: NINTENDO SWITCH NOTICE: Astral Chain: . com/watch?v=MD98Gt7-l6k Xenoblade Chronicles DE: Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town: mSyALJ_SlhY Assassin’s Creed The Rebel Collection: Luigi’s Mansion 3: Animal Crossing New Horizons: https:// Oninaki: h?v=NbcFfMaTC3k Rune Factory 4: Pokemon Sword /Shield: Twilight Workshop Trilogy: New Super Lucky’s Tale: https://www. Ni No Kuni: Ryza Workshop: Fire Emblem Three Houses: Graveyard Keeper: Dragon’s Dogm a: Atelier Lulua: My Time at Portia: watch?v=tcJOsD46-VA Victor Vran: Shining Resonance Chorus: -_JNOF62hJQC2 Pokémon Let’s go Pikachu/Évoli: Petit Dra Gons Café Review: Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Titan Quest: Harvest Moon Light of Hope: https:// Xenoblade Chronicles 2: v=EDiCN3dnvCg PO Box: “IRCHA GAMING” Postboks 90 9481 Harstad Norway EQUIPMENT AND MOUNTING: Main Camera: Canon 90D Lens: Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM ART Audio: Røde VideoMicro Software: Premiere Pro CC 2020 Lepow Portable Monitor: or From TikTech: (Monitor review: budget-portable -monitor) (ad) I edit everything myself. #NintendoSwitch #IrchaGaming #Gaming .



  1. I’m glad I found your channel, thanks for the recommendations! I’m a pretty casual gamer, so I definitely want to try animal crossing and super Mario odyssey. Would you recommend breath of the wild for a beginner? Or maybe any indie game recommendations? Thanks ?

  2. I have yet to play.. Breath of the wild, animal crossing, Mario kart, smash bros, splatoon 2, astral chain. Only got a switch last month. I'm so excited to play these games ?

    Great video as usual ?

  3. I have some of these games for my switch, i see myself as a casual gamer. Im not too keen on getting complicated games that take 30-200+ hours to beat. I may make an exception with game or two as long as game isnt too complicated. lol i go short attention span when comes to games these days

  4. Great video and new sub here! I personally love the second Yooka Laylee (Impossible Lair) – what did you think of it? I've also just bought Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Yoshi's Crafted World which I'm so looking forward to playing ?

  5. Howwwwwwwwwwl, do realize how much I miss you? Do you know how much I want to be by your side? This big bad ? is tired of being alone…I guess the truth is that you will never see me for the fact of who I truly am. Guess it your lost really, we could of had something amazing but sometimes the only way to feel free is to move on. So if you ever read this message, I hope you know who you are come to find me. From The Devilishly Handsome Heartless Big Bad ?</3

  6. Too bad people watching your video in some days won't be able to buy Mario 3d all stars collection 🙁 since Nintendo will pull out the game from the eshop and stop producing it. You might find on eBay with scalpers, but the price will sure skyrocket.

  7. played CTR when it was free but couldn't get into it not a fan of racing games unless it's SXX snowboarding glad to see spyro in this list. a little disappointed to see sooo many racing games on this list though was hoping to see a game i didn't all ready know all about.


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