NEW Nintendo Switch Eshop Sale Games (& 2 AVOIDS) 4th July – 11th July!


Check out these Lexar cards! UK: US: Here are the best new Nintendo Switch games on sale this week. Let us know if you choose any and congratulations to the Lexar winner! We’ll mail you your SD card! – be sure to leave a comment and subscribe to participate in our weekly giveaways if you like the content. #Nintendo #Eshop #Sale Check out the awesome games coming out this week – Sale from last week (some still live) episode: Sakuna of Rice and Ruin – Raging Loop – State of Mind – Thanks to portable readers for some images – check out their awesome gameplay channel here – SUBSCRIBE and join the SwitchUp family – We may or may not give away free games quite often! Patreon – Discord – Mark and Glen SwitchUp 187,300 .



  1. What really got me hooked on gaming was RTS games since I was a PC kid, not a console kid (hence the no nostalgia towards most older Nintendo games) but having trouble sitting up without fainting means it’s handheld or nothing at all. So yeah, Northgard sounds like something that I should play, I mean obviously played Settlers just like, well, Command & Conquer as well as the other goodies of those days. It’s hard to get actual nostalgia unless it’s from the start of my struggles with being held to handhelds so mainly… can we have Golden Sun please? ? It’s probably not as good as I remember since that’s how nostalgia works but whatever ?

  2. sekuna rice and ruin looks amazing.
    i have been trying to find a copy of it locally for a couple of days now. i just got a switch for the kids.
    it is one game that i want for myself. the search is on.

  3. love this channel, just got my switch and have bought a few games on you recommendations. love the pricing at the bottom in all currency's too (great idea).
    my daily go to. thanks for the work that goes into this 🙂

  4. 9 Monkeys of Shaolin is 80% off. Definitely worth it for that price, it's a nice beat em up game, gameplay and graphics are good. Btw I also bought Sakuna, I like it but farming rice is a little complicated for me. Still trying to figure it out, lol.


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