Nexus Mods will no longer allow authors to delete mod files •

Nexus Mods will no longer allow authors to delete mod files •

Nexus Mods has announced that mod authors will soon no longer be able to delete mod files from the website, with a change being made ahead of the introduction of its new collection system.

The news was announced via a blog post, where the company explained that the change was necessary for the implementation of its collection system. From now on, mod files will be archived instead of being deleted, making them “inaccessible unless requested directly, eg via API”.

“It is our fundamental belief that making modding easier is a noble goal, so that more people can enjoy our common hobby,” said Nexus Mods. “We are convinced that our collection system, a project on which we have devoted almost two years and many hours of work, is the way to achieve this goal.”

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The new collections system is a feature that Nexus Mods has been working on for some time and aims to make installing mods easier for the average user. Instead of requiring users to individually manage load orders and resolve file conflicts between mods, someone could “build a mod list / mod config locally on their machine, then export a meta”. file with all info about mods / files / conflict resolution etc. and upload this file to the site. ”This list or“ collection ”could then be added to Vortex, allowing the mod manager to automatically retrieve, download and install mods from the list.

Nexus Mods anticipates that this feature will be available to all users, although premium users will essentially have a “one-click install” while free users will have to “click and open the download page for each mod in a collection that they have. they want to download manually. ”

The Nexus Mods team realized that implementing the collection system would require preventing authors from being able to delete files, as deletion could potentially result in the deletion of an entire collection. “… No matter how much care and effort is put into organizing a collection of tens or hundreds of mods, as soon as one or more files in that collection are deleted by a mod author – for whatever reason – the collection is essentially and immediately “dead in the water” until the curator can replace or remove the particular file, ”Nexus Mods explained. “Recognizing these issues, we made the difficult decision to change how file deletions work.

“Instead of permanently deleting a file, mod authors can now choose to archive it, which will move it to a file archive and make direct download impossible unless specifically requested, for example through the API. This means that when an author checks in a file, in most cases it has now disappeared and been removed from the Files tab, but it can still be downloaded through a collection and the metadata (information) on the. file are still in the database. “

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Nexus Mods recently informed mod writers about the upcoming change and made some changes based on their feedback. A feature was implemented that allowed authors to prevent regular users from viewing their file archives, for example, as some authors were concerned that this would lead to requests to reissue old files. The company also said it was “aware” of authors’ concerns that collections could lead to unfair complaints about their individual mods (where the problem could be a file conflict in the collection), and is considering ways to minimize that.

While some mod authors may think they have less control over their work, it seems that modding communities generally respond quite positively to the functionality of collections.

“This will allow even more people to enjoy the modified games, bring my mods to an even wider audience, and it does not infringe any of my rights or permissions… it will be such a welcome feature!” mentionned Elianora user on r / skyrimmods.

Other users have pointed out that this will prevent mod lists from being sabotaged by deleting a mod due to community disagreements. “A lot of mods are dependent on each other, and it can be a real disaster if a mod is suddenly made inaccessible or restricted, there are singular mods where hundreds of other mods require it to work,” said Penakoto user. “It’s a very real problem because the mod community is pretty dramatic, people ‘take the ball and go home’.”

Either way, those who are still not happy with the changes can request that all of their files be removed from the website and have 30 days to do so before the changes take effect. Be sure to check out the full blog post for details on the modification and the complete file deletion request process.

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