Ninjala Launch Trailer – BEST FREE SWITCH GAME !


The BEST FREE Switch game yet to come just got a new trailer! Ninjala focuses on an eponymous tournament hosted by the World Ninja Association, which developed bubblegum that could be used to enable people with ninja DNA to practice ninjutsu. The game mainly focuses on melee combat using different types of weapons. The player can double jump and run along the walls to navigate the map. A match can be played between up to eight players in both teams or a single player “Battle Royale”. Bubbles can be blown to trigger abilities, such as throwing them at opponents as a ranged attack or activating an overhead fire move. Their power can be increased by destroying drones that periodically appear on the map, allowing the player to craft a larger melee weapon when fully charged.The player can also disguise themselves as an accessory on the field Points are scored mainly by knocking out opponents, and an “Ippon” bonus can be scored as part of a KO if the player does so in combination with their abilities 【BUY THE MERCH HERE】: INSTAGRAM: ► @ cyber.shaman.gaming #Ninjala #NintendoSwitch #FREEGAMES For commercial inquiries:



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