Nintendo 3DS 208-in-1 BOOTLEG CRAP CARTRIDGE! – ConnerTheWaffle


the bootleg multicart returns, this time on the 3ds. it’s okay?.. no Instagram – @Connerthewaffle Intro: CosmicGem .



  1. I got one with 489 games from a friend who lived in China. It has a ton of Pokémon and Mario games, a few Sonic, Ben 10 and Naruto games and a ton of shovelware (who want's to play Let's Play Mums?)

  2. I somehow cartridge and the only games I only really played are dbz supersonic warriors 2, nsmb, mario kart ds, the ace attorney games, china town wars, mario and luigis partners time and other well known titles. Then there's terrible games, like cars and sonic collection. But the worst part is that if you already have the ds games you want, than this is conpletely pointless since every model of the 3ds is backwards compatible with ds games. Also if you wanna good nintendo dragon ball games try super sonic warriors 1 and 2, buus fury, and legacy of goku 2


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