Nintendo 3DS Secrets & Easter Eggs – The Easter Egg Hunter


A LINK to subscribe! – Featuring: Nintendo 3DS secrets and Easter eggs | The Easter Egg Hunter Easter Egg Hunter Episodes Hidden Easter Eggs Out of Bounds in Video Games! WTF Easter eggs in video games! Top 10 scariest Easter eggs in video games Top 10 wackiest Easter eggs in video games! Super secret deaths in video games 1 The best graveyard easter eggs in video games! 6 video game secrets that took years to discover! The giant video game Easter egg you probably didn’t know existed at Futurama! Video game Hidden Easter eggs out of bounds! Easter eggs and Super Mario Odyssey secrets! Super Hidden Messages in Video Games Video Game Hidden Easter Eggs Out of Bounds 2! Super Secret Deaths in Video Games 2 Zelda Breath of the Wild Easter Eggs and Secrets be/S0t_DhtY218 Messing up Mario Kart 64 with cheat codes 12 video game punishments for cheating Video game Hidden easter eggs out of bounds 3! Follow Easter Egg Hunter Instagram Twitter .



  1. there's more sound ones. there's one where you put on the flying ship one and you can move it around and shoot panels with l and r and there's one with a figure walking up stairs and you can make it hold different things. also with the coin l and r sound thing it does a 1up if you press it 100 times.

  2. Welcome everyone to the world of phonics (?) Sweet chocolate Easter eggs within our video games. Well okay perhaps not chocolate ones but it's as good and having and finding the real thing, just on a different level, as this is the Easter egg hunter.


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