Nintendo DS Collection


Hey everybody!

Today we take a look at my current Nintendo DS game collection.

The Nintendo DS is a great system with alot of great titles!

stay tuned till the end to see something very unique for the Nintendo DS

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  1. Your heart gold is actually your most expensive game.. LOL. WIth the condition, pokewalker and stuff, it can do for as high as 350+…Your zombie BBQ game is only about 230-250 ebay..Bids as low as 200. Brand new, sealed I seen it at 300..Below the price of your heart gold edition. xD

  2. Your DS collection may not be as extensive as mine but, if I had to assign quality points, your games would definitely win out. Since I am going for a complete American DS collection, I have quite a few titles that aren't desirable mixed in. I would recommend a few titles but sadly I am a worse DS gamer than you. The only DS game I recall ever playing is the one I used to test my DSi…..Press Your Luck: 2010 Edition. It was okay. If you like the game show, you will probably enjoy the game.

  3. Incredible collection and thanks for sharing.

    Could of obvious titles missing: Fire Emblem and the two Advance Wars. Less obvious is the fantastic Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Probably the best game I’ve played on the system. So enjoyable.


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