Nintendo DS Comparison – Which Model Do I Buy? (DS vs Lite vs DSi vs DSi XL)


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  1. Don't let that different charging port set you back from buying a ds lite. At some point it was a universal port and was used for all gadgets: cameras, gps's, phones, etc. It's called mini usb (the micro usb predecessor) and it's still easy to find.

  2. My DS lite broke down a few months ago, but since I have a sizeable DS games library I want to buy a new one. I was considering buying later versions of the DS, just to have something new, but then I can't play guitar hero without the GBA slot. I'd also have to buy a new charger… So I guess I'm sticking with the Lite, cheers for the video 🙂

  3. As a personal opinion… Just go with the DS Lite.

    All of DSi functions and games are available on the 3ds, so if it is for those functions better get a 3ds or 2ds, and for core aspect of gaming, in actually you gain more with the GBA slot than a discontinued DSiWare.

    The original model kinda sucks, so yeah, DS lite

  4. DS lite is the only one that competes with the 3DS. Think about it the 3DS has bigger games but the DS lite was the highest quality gba games and was easiest to handle. With its huge library of GBA games and ds games I put DS Lite at equally fun as the 3DS.

  5. I've been tempted to upgrade from a fat DS to a DSi XL, but will I need to do anything to make my flashcard work? I've been using a 2020 R4 Gold Pro (the r4isdhc ones) and I've had no issues with it when using my original DS. I've been using a PAL DS and playing mostly NTSC games, will I need to find the PAL back-ups for them to work on a DSi XL?

  6. The one thing to note is that the DSi XL was the only model with dual IPS screens instead of the typical TN screen types found in other DS models and most 3DS systems. This was a fact that was also advertised by Nintendo.

    This means the DSi XL has far better viewing angles and better color reproduction. the screens also tend to be more color accurate as well. So if not being able to play GBA games is not a deal-breaker to you, then the DSi XL is the definitive DS from a visual standpoint. I also personally found it way more comfortable to hold than the smaller models.


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