Nintendo DS Hidden Gems


The Nintendo DS handheld has been a smash hit worldwide with over 150 million units sold since 2004. The DS is home to hundreds of fun and unique games across all genres…but in this video, my friend Kinsey and I reveal some hidden gems or lesser-known games that every DS gamer should have in their collection. PART 2 HERE: Please use the links below to get offers and help support Metal Jesus Rocks! Buy eStarland console games: Buy old DOS and PC games on GOG: Collectorz Game Cataloging: Awesome TeeFury gamer & nerd T-shirts: Donate if you like my videos: FOLLOW ME Twitter: http://twitter .com/MetalJesusRocks Facebook: Website: .



  1. Ever since I found your channel two years ago, Iback in 2019 / 2020 I've loved it ever since because I grew up with the Nintendo DS Lite and wanted to get back into it. I got a game cartridge that has 1,900 games on it and I also collect games too that I want to physically keep. ??

  2. 5:17 Retro Game Challenge is based off of a Japanese TV show Game Center CX. The series is essentially like all those Kid's Play Retro Game videos where the main focus is the humour in watching someone struggle with how difficult these games really are. Although a few sequels were made only RGC was ever released in English.

    The show itself has being going strong since 2003 and is available subtitled here on YouTube. Anyone interested in retro games should watch an episode or two just for the LOLs.

  3. My biggest issue with gimmicky console's, like the DS, Wii, Wii U, etc… Is how hard they'll be to bring forward to new consoles.

    Emulation is the best example of that. Trying to emulate a DS is a fucking pain. Aside from your screen being half the size, since there's two screens to deal with, and it just looks weird on a TV. You also have to manage the right stick and a button as the stylus. Making some faster paced touch-based games nearly impossible to play with a controller.

    Same would happen if they tried to bring a DS game forward to a possible future Nintendo Console that doesn't have a touch screen. Or hell, better example, the Wii. You don't have the nunchuck style mode with pointer cursor and shit on newer consoles. Porting a game like Mario Galaxy, or Animal Crossing City Folk that relies on having a pointer, to a newer Nintendo console would be obnoxious and probably not work amazingly well.

    The gimmicks can be fun, and even super neat….when they're relevant. But once you move past that generation and onto a new gimmick with a new console, suddenly every previous game requires you to have an extra handheld or console on hand just to play them.

    I'm not tryna be a fanboy, I love Nintendo and I was a huge PlayStation guy for years. But there's something nice about having my Xbox, and being able to play 4 generations worth of games on it with no problem.

    (This whole thought came about because I'm currently emulating a bunch of DS and Wii games on my Xbox, and goddamn, using the right stick as a cursor is super annoying. Works ok on Wii, but DS cursor emulation is ass. As is having two tiny screens on your TV.)
    While I'm at it. Another issue I had with DS games, is the forced use of the second screen. So many games, like Nanostray in this very video, had NO reason to use the second screen. It didn't need to be there. But, because it was there, devs had to use it for something. So a lot of games used it for dumb gimmicks to give it a reason to exist. "Touch this to break a rock" when "Press A to break a rock would have worked. Or "Swipe the stylus up to lift this" instead of "tap A a couple times".

    Like, it just wasn't needed. Very few GOOD games actually used the second screen for much of anything other than a map or a quick inventory. It wasn't part of the game, it was just a faster way to access something that'd normally be on a button. It was mostly pointless and, honestly, ruined some games because of it. Like, how much better would Metroid have been if we didn't have to use the stylus to look around?


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