Nintendo DS Longplay [100] The World Ends With You (part 01 of 15)


Played by: xRavenXP

The World Ends with You, known in Japan as It’s a Wonderful World (Subarashiki Kono Sekai), is an (EPIC) action RPG developed by Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts team and Jupiter Team for Nintendo DS.

Unlike other mega Square Enix franchises, like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You is not located in a fantasy world, but in modern Japan, specifically in Shibuya, a commercial district of Tokyo. It is interesting to note that many of the locations found in the game were constructed from the real Shibuya , as the intersection near the department store 109 (which is 104 in the game) , the train station , the statue of Hachiko and others.
This urban center is known to be one of the busiest and popular Tokyo. Shibuya is also renowned in the world of Japanese fashion, especially among teenagers. The clothes and accessories are very colorful and exaggerated. Likewise happens in the game, instead of armor and helmets made ​​of strange materials acquired in medieval environments, we have department stores with clothes super modern, funky accessories and specialist dealers in the fashion world (includes brands like Jupiter of The Monkey, Pavo Real, Mus Rattus, Wildboar, D+B, Hip Snake, Natural Puppy and more).

The protagonist is Neku Sakuraba. A anti-social, grumpy and introverted boy, do not want to join the adventure and wakes up not knowing where or how it had arrived there. Even in Shibuya, realizes that no one can hear him or hear him. In fact, it is in a parallel dimension called Underground (UG), the underworld, and the remaining inhabitants are on Realground (RG), the real world. Soon discovers that he is playing a game called Reapear’s Game, which will last for 7 days, where he has to complete missions and fight monsters known as “noises”.

Each week of the game, Neku will have a different partner and several events will develop in the best manga style! The soundtrack is excellent and not only restricted to the instrumental compositions having as rap and hip hop too! The battles are done with the use of Pins and skills of the partner, both of which must be controlled by the player. It seems difficult, but it gets easier with time.

One of the best Nintendo DS games of all times. Played in both modes with 2 encodes. The first mode is a main game, and the second mode (after complete the game one time) is a “Another Day mode”, with sidequests, exclusive strongest items in each chapter, secret reports and one day called another day, where everything revolves around the Tin Pin Slammer (a minigame within the game) and the second ending of this masterpiece. A epic and highly recommended game! 😉 –
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  1. This was a bizarre game that nobody could figure out from the box, but it was amazing in every way and used all of the DS' capabilities. Still have it. Just a shame you can't get 1-2 pins to evolve unless you had the Wii demo (or super tight timing, can't recall).

  2. I can't wait to watch all of this. I like the concept and the story way more than playing this. You know how some games you can't finish because they aren't good? This is a game I couldn't finish because I wasn't good.

  3. Vine solo para ver cuantos errores tiene el anime hasta al momento y va demasiado rapido al punto que se salta mucho y cosas relevantes que hacen al juego muy bueno, el tipo de la banda los puede ver en el anime, en el juego no

  4. Um…interesting game? I know this franchise from somewhere else, though, but can't remember where from. I wouldn't mind a more…traditional gameplay, with the buttons and etc, but with the stylus seems simple enough.

    As for the video, it would be more convenient if the screens were side-by-side IMO, for better screen coverage.


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