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  1. A few weeks ago someone purchased a rare limited made Nintendo DS cartridge that McDonald's of Japan produced as training software for their employees
    They also released a limited edition black Nintendo DS with an m on the front of it
    Here is the name of the ROM you can Google search it you have to get to save file with it to use the software you can watch the video on YouTube

  2. Just subbed, great channel! My wishlist for the PS3 grew immensely. Sadly this video isn't for me, as I'm collecting almost only PAL games. These were 90% US-only games, right?

  3. Hey, I just want to say, besides being INCREASINGLY jealous of your growing collecting behind you, I love your lists and what you do, I would LOVE to see more reviews of current games you're playing, maybe just do your current lists and throw in a mostly review episode of a few new games, I'm always looking for recommendations from people I trust, and based on your top ten lists, we're VERY similar.

  4. dude you are the DS master. watched this 5 months ago and again tonight. being a ds collector myself thought i'd seen em all but still you found some new to me. like insecticide first time hearing of it. very cool deal man ds has the gems.

  5. Can you recommend in your opinion, the best way to play DS games? I have no experience with any Nintendo handheld since the GBA and there must be something like a dozen different compatible nintendo systems for this library! but basically im wondering which is the best looking display with 1:1 pixel resolution. and from my research, I believe it comes down to the DSi, DSi XL and original 2DS (but not any of the 3DS or new 2DS models). I want to favor the DSi XL for its sheer size and proper scaling, but the pixel pitch maybe too large, which might favor the original DSi (non XL model) in terms of quality. Also never seen an original 2DS play DS games…

  6. Insecticide has a story that you can really get invested in, and that's the hallmark of an excellent game.
    Despite its excellence Insecticide hardly gets any attention whatsoever.
    It's actually sad that it's nigh impossible to find fans of Insecticide to talk about the game with 🙁

  7. Hey! Only just discovered your channel! Been so amazing to watch through your videos and listen to your experience of games through all the various consoles and genres! I wondered through all your gaming experience what your favourite game soundtracks were? Is there any rpgs where they just nailed the battle music? I like to draw and stick on game music for inspiration so would be really cool to know your thoughts as I’m sure there’s a ton of great music in games I haven’t heard or experienced. Hope you're well and things are getting better for you! Glad you’ve got your own space too! Awesome collection and like the comment below, so relaxing to hear your videos and you’re really positive, you can always find something good about a game which I really admire.

  8. Watched this and reggies ds videos and had to pick up a refurbished pink ds lite 🙂 slept on the ds these last years and can’t wait to pick up more games and expand my collection. Currently enjoying magical starsign

  9. Great list. Been looking for more older games to play on my 3DS. Would love to see a video showing the games you bought in the EShop for your Nintendo Systems. I usually don’t like digital but bought so many things on 3DS shop.

  10. Like your contents, man. I like listening to them while I am doing something like cooking. Compared to likes of MetalJesusRocks and others, you just talking your experience about these games is much more convenient to just listen to. Also who knows whether those collectors even play these games.

  11. Really appreciated the video, recently found my old DSL and have been looking for games I missed when I was younger. Nice to find a vid with recommendations outside the mainstream; I'll definitely be checking a few of these out!


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