Nintendo Switch 2020 Holiday Buying Guide | BEST & NEW Games For FIRST TIMERS!


Nintendo Switch 2020 Holiday Buying Guide | BEST AND NEW games for FIRST TIMERS! Nintendo Switch is a HOT item of Holiday 2020, here are the BEST games to pick up with your shiny new console. Video inspired by @BeatEmUps Holiday Guide: Version of the article with more games: holiday-buying-guide -the-best-switch-games-for-your-money/ #nintendoswitch #switch #nintendo .



  1. This is my buying guide, from my perspective:

    The only reason I got the charging grip, for the joycons, is because of ringfit/I don't put a certain pair of joycons, on/in my switch/I also keep my dock in my office, ALSO for me, other than ring fit, this is a portable device, I would STILL get the real switch though/not the lite switch, ALSO I would want a bigger screen,even with the full size switch, I wouldn't be apposed to having a bigger screen. I have a gaming PC/laptop and desktop, for when im home/have power/have an outlet, along with a PS3/4 and 5, SO for me, the switch is a handheld/portable device/for when I don't have power.

    Until I got ringfit, I didn't see a need for a charging grip OR a charging hub, MIGHT be another option/IF you have multiple joycons.

    My controller is the GCHT controller, I also had to have a grip, that goes on/around my switch, my hands were to big for it/it wasn't comfortable when playing in handheld mode, I also got a 256GB micro sd card, ORIGINALLY, but now I have a 1TB micros SD card and I had to also fix the bluetooth headphones situation, so I got a Bluetooth/audio transmitter for it, I also got a battery pack/portable battery/30thousand mah battery, to keep my switch charged on the go,also the obvious stuff, screen protector and case, ALSO be sure to get one with a red box, NOT white.

    I also got the borderlands collection,BioShock collection,doom,skyrim,resident evil triple pack collection/4,5 and 6,Mortal Kombat 11,Dark Sider Collection,Zelda Breath of the wild,Crysis,Assassin's Creed Collection,Dragon Ball Xenoverse,Metro 2033,Saints Row collection,DCUO, warframe and other games, I'm sure, that I'm failing to mention.

    This system is what I wanted the vita to be, the vita wasn't bad, but the switch is ALMOST perfect, 1080p 60FPS,GTA5 and Farcry 5, in handheld mode,is what I want, BUT HOPEFULLY, thats what the pro will be.

  2. My list
    The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild
    The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim
    Ys Viii Lacrimosa of Dana(much better than Xenoblade)
    Civilization 6
    Ring Fit Adventure
    Immortals Fenyx Rising
    The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening

    I played Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and MarioKart 8 Deluxe and do not recommend unless you really into those genres. I am really into the strategy genre and recently picked up Fire Emblem 3 houses and Ancestors Legacy but it is also why Civilization 6 and Northgard I really enjoyed.


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