Nintendo Switch Games I Can't Live Without


The Nintendo Switch has a vast library of games. Most of us will never play all the games that have been released for it. I don’t have time to play a significant portion of them. I also don’t want to gamble on games that I might no like playing. These are a few games I’ve played many times and have enjoyed loved each play through.

0:00 The Setup
1:34 Game 1
5:16 Game 2
9:47 Game 3
12:59 Game 4
18:16 Game 5
21:20 The Best Part


For anything else: .



  1. When time is limited, only the best games will be played. I find myself going back to games I know I will enjoy vs taking a risk on a game I’m unsure if I’ll really enjoy. Unfortunately a lot of games for me have gone partially played. I’m also much more into 8-12 hour games that are really fun vs 300 hour sandbox/open world games

  2. Superb video. Don't skip it. Here's the list:

    Super Mario Odyssey
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the
    Metroid Dread
    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
    Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening

    Honestly. Great list. Those really are the bangers. Links awakening I didn't make it too far into but once I'm done with totk I'll revisit it.

  3. thought i'd be just checking out some worthwhile switch games, but.. dude you are wasting your life in the game, man. i played game quite alot in my teen years, but dude, this guy grew up as a game addict. i wonder what you do for living.

  4. I just ran across your video and really learned a lot. I am 66 and started out with Pong, then Atari, NES, N64 and PS2. I’m ready to start gaming again and I think the Switch is what I’m going to purchase. Thanks for the info. CIAO!!

  5. Eh, I could live without Mario Odyssey and Links Awakening. I'd rather have the Xenobalde Trilogy or Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Engage. Maybe some indie games like Shovel Knight Treasure Trove or Curse Crackers. Some variety would be nice outside of the staple Nintendo games.

  6. The sand world gives me some sort of like nostalgia to when me and my brother would go into this game stop at the mall and play the demo of mario odyssey that only allowed you to play the sand world and we would go in there and replay it over and over every time our mom took us to the mall


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