Nintendo Switch Sports – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch


Bring the thrill of your favorite sports to life in Nintendo Switch Sports, available now! Swing, kick, and spike your way to victory locally or online with friends and family, aim for the Pro League in each sport, and create your Sportsmate or use a Mii character to show up to Spocco Square in style. You ready to play?

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  1. Well… good idea to control the blue or red controller!, but in warioware smooth moves, The orbulon need to control 2 wii remote but in wario, jimmy T, Mona, 9-volt, ashley, penny, kat and ana and Dribble and Something… need to control ONE wii remote!, How to use nintendo switch online and wii together?!. Hmm… i think You/I/Me/Somebody/Everyone should need a blue and red switch controller together, it will be looks like a wii remote and you can played orbulon in warioware smooth moves with 2 switch controller!. I'm so smart you know?, what do you think?


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