Nintendo Switch VR – Is It Any Good?


Yes, the Nintendo Switch has VR compatibility, and in this video, I play every first party game that supports it. Does it work well, and should you try it yourself?

0:00 Intro
1:54 Hardware Capabilities
3:30 Labo VR Toy-Con 4
4:56 Zelda BOTW VR
5:57 Mario Odyssey VR
7:17 Smash Bros VR
8:51 Captain Toad VR
10:05 Third Party VR Switch Games
12:24 The Verdict

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  1. It's disappointing how half-heartedly they've treated their VR/3D experiments. With just a little more effort they could really push things. They could have copied the feature from BotW to TotK, or expanded it with an SBS mode for 3D displays. Have an alternative mode to swiveling around. Metroid Prime Remaster would have been a perfect fit (and needs justification for the $60 price tag). Smash Bros Ultimate bafflingly requires you to use connected joycons. LABO comes without a headstrap.

  2. Just here to complain about the quest 2. The default head strap doesn’t work well with the shape of my head. No matter how I set it, it rests almost all the weight on my forehead and it hurts after just a few minutes. After playing for a while I can get anything between the classic red marks to a headache depending on how long I played. I’ll have to buy a new head strap if I want a confortable experience. The game library is massive but maybe you will have to buy extra accessories for the headset to be comfortable. Think about that before buying a quest 2


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