Nintendo Wii $100 Starter Guide


With a budget of US $ 100 and a goal of buying a console and some of the best games, here is my $ 100 Nintendo Wii getting started guide. What games would you get for $ 100? Were my prices unrealistic? Comments below! Many thanks to my amazing Nintendo fans, Jack Dooley, Peanutbuttertoastguy, Abdulla Mahboub and Nintendo Enthusiast! Support Nintendo Collecting on Patreon: #Wii #Nintendo #VideoGames ************************ ******************** Nintendo Collecting on social networks: Facebook: Google+: com / u / 0 / + NintendoCollecting / Instagram posts: Tumblr: Twitter: Twitch: http: // www / nintendocollecting.



  1. Wii stuff is super cheap rn. Definitely gotta snap up all the games I want for my collection before everyone my age gets Wii nostalgia and it turns into a GameCube situation where the prices are utterly insane.

  2. This reminds me when I bought another wii and mario galaxy for $50 two years ago.

    And then I found a still sealed copy of mario galaxy 2 for $20 (nintendo selects version) in walmart a few months later, probably my favorite collecting find.

  3. The sensor bar is just infered lights that the front of the wii remote reads to know where you are pointing the remote, you can easily get the remote working woth just 2 flash lights, the motion part is in the controller itself and not from the sensor bar. If you point a camera at the sensor bar while its on its possible to see the inferred lights

  4. Sports and Sports Resort are the #1 and #3, respectively, selling games for the Wii.

    During the March/April shutdown they took off. Most retro collecting channels went on ad nauseam about this trend.

    The price is demand meeting supply. Since most copies of Sports were pack-in, you need to compensate someone for separating it from the system.

    The real secret is 2gb SD card, 32gb USB stick, Motion Plus Controller, and Nunchcuk. If you put your time in that is perfect for solo gaming. Beyond that I would add a Zapper or two, then another Motion and Nunchuck. Then finally in phase 3, 2 more controllers (type doesn't matter).

    Most Motion Plus games are 2p simultaneous max, and the 4p do not need Motion Plus. Seldom are there 4p w/Nunchuck

  5. I got my wii for 10 bucks at a ward sale with Mario kart wii,wii fit, balance bord,Mario galaxy,wii play, gamecube backwards, wii sports,2 controlors with nyco rechargeable batterys, 2 nunchus, all cordz and wii and wii fit box

  6. and yesterday i just got a 20$ wii it came with 2 wiimotes 2 jackets for the wiimotes and 2 nunchucks
    the model that plays gamecube games i might turn the one i got for 10$ into a handheld with the kit.


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