Nintendo Wii Games That Are NOT Expensive!


The Nintendo Wii has a ton of great, expensive Wii games, but we’re going to talk about the games that aren’t expensive! In this video I talk about some awesome games that don’t cost much! All of the games in this video are cheaper than $ 25 on the Nintendo Wii! All my social media links: Join Channel Subscription: My Gear: Canon M50 Camera on Amazon: .com / gp / product / B079Y45KTJ / ref = as_li_qf_asin_il_tl? ie = UTF8 & tag = retrovideog0e-20 & creative = 9325 & linkCode = as2 & creativeASIN = B079Y45KTJ & linkId = 19f799e617b8 & ref = 19f799e617b = 19f799e617b = 19f799e617b = 19f799e617b & # 39; asloge617b = B079Y45KTJ & linkId = 19f799e617b & # 39; as2 & creativeASIN = B00DMS0GTC & linkId = 3a823189fa26839aa56c370cedfb3378 Canon EF-S 18-55mm / .ama as lens on Amazon. ? Ie = UTF8 & tag = retrovideog0e-20 & creative = 9325 & linkCode = as2 & creativeASIN = B00BW6LVW2 & linkID = 1dd46f5c098841940c24da997e5225a1 TAKSTAR SGC-598 microphone on Amazon: 20 & creative = 9325 & linkCode = as2 & creativeASI N = B014R5FPVM & linkID = f6c61731280e781673315e63ff2d5355 ” Copyright Notice Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, “fair dealing” is permitted for such purposes as criticism, commentary, reporting, teaching. , scholarship and research. Fair use is use permitted by copyright law that might otherwise be infringed. Nonprofit, educational or personal use tips the scales in favor of fair use. nintendo wii games, best wii games, nintendo wii price, wii games price, nintendo wii games price, best wii games, nintendo wii games 2021, wii games 2021, wii 2021, cheap wii games, cheap nintendo wii games, cheap wii 2021, nintendo wii games under $ 25, best nintendo wii games, best nintendo wii games, wii games list, nintendo wii games list, retro wii games.



  1. Hi just found your channel and I agree with you on the Nintendo Wii….
    I recently just purchase a wii at a thrift store for $7.50 with all the hook ups…
    And know this part of the story sound like BS… but it came with wii sports!!
    I was giddy with joy!!
    I have a wii zapper games like house of the dead 2 and ghost squad and others…
    I hunt for wii

  2. I just got Metal Slug Anthology the other day , and figured out that you can use a gamecube contoller to play it – They dont show this on the back of the case, but they do have a controller setting in the options menu that you can switch your control type to gamecube. I found it to be a little easier than the wii control scheme.

  3. Definitely be cool to see a part 2. All the current eBay listings have Metal Slug anthology at around $10 higher than price charting for CIB. The Wii has tons of games that are surprisingly cheap and surprisingly expensive. My daughter wanted a copy of Coraline on the Wii for her birthday. That is a perplexing title to me. Paid $60 in a local game shop for it. Lowest eBay listing Is $65. I ask myself why?

  4. I bought this WiiU game for my 19th birthday on March 8th, 2018.


    $59.99 + $1.65 = $61.64

    $24.99 + $0.69 = $25.68

    I chose SAVE POINT VIDEO GAMES because it was cheaper than GAMESTOP.


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