Nintendo Wii Hidden Gems! **NEW**


Hidden Gems of Nintendo Wii: Tower Generator of Pandora Rex: Agent of Providence Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Gormiti: Lords of the Wild! Shiren the Wanderer Roogoo: Twisted Towers Calling Heavy Fire: Afghanistan #Wii #HiddenGems #Nintendo PREVIOUS Wii HIDDEN GEMS VIDEOS: Part 1: Part 2: https: // www / watch? v = Hl968nZTcYM Part 3: FOLLOW US Twitter: Facebook: http: // facebook. com / MetalJesusRocks Web: DISCORD CHAT: Patreon: T-shirts: /? ~ 9quw Background music by Metal Jesus Rocks and Ethan Meixsell.



  1. Hi, Mr MJ! I just brought back a Wii and a bunch of great games. Thanks you for helping me to make choices with your videos about Wii games. I think I have an interesting Idea to submit… I really love the motion control… That's the specificity of this system and it's really fun but… Would you please make another video with the best games that are playable with a traditionnal gamepad (like the beautiful red Wii pro pad that I'm about to purchase…)? I'm sure there will be a lot of fighters and shooters (I like them too…) but I really hope you'll be able to surprise me and make me discover more new great tittles. Thank you for your work and keep on rockin'!

  2. I'm new to Wii collecting. I mainly got it to play De Blob again, but I've been amazed at the library for it. I've been a playstation guy for the most part of the past 20 years so a lot of these titles are new to me and I'm having a blast playing through them!

  3. Man I could have built a house had I bought all of those Generator Rex copies that I'd walked past over the years. I assumed it was terrible and never got a copy. This is a surprise. Also Pandora's Tower looks amazing, but man is it expensive online.

  4. I agree that the Wii is a great console with worthwhile games, it just has more crappy ones than most other systems do, which distracts more from the good ones.
    That said, I wouldn't call most of these gems, myself. Kind of looks like crap to me, lol. Like do you actually go back to a Kim Possible Wii game? Come on. No offense if you do… but like, I doubt it.

  5. Shiren The Wanderer is a Mystery Dungeon game and is actually a very common format. There are literally tons of Mystery Dungeon games, from Shiren, to Etrian Odyssey, to Pokémon, many franchises have Mystery Dungeon games.

  6. Man i have investigated a lot my whole life with wii by far this are the games i have actually liked and not played just because i wanted to lose time:

    1. The last story
    2. Fragile dreams (kinda made me mad and i deleted it afterwards, fighting mechanics kinda suck in some situations.)
    3. Samurai Heroes (probably my favorite wii title, i don't know if this was remastered for ps3 or ported from ps2 to wii or from ps3 to wii idk. Really fun hack and slash, 60 stable fps and nice, very nice graphics, controls are also very well adjusted.)
    4. Xenoblade chronicles (kinda overrated but the game is fine in wii, its actually fun, but i deleted it too, not so fun for me but it is a quality game definetly.)
    5.Silent Hill shattered memories (The ambient feels weird, very nice graphics and damn how 60fps?)
    6. SoulCalibur Heroes (feels weird, but it can be fun, feels kinda rushed in every aspect but not gameplay mechanics, i think it could be a better game, the stages just feel empty.)
    7. Bully (why not?)
    8. Manhunt 2 (uncensored is better)
    9. Re4 (why not)
    10. Cod Black ops (lame performance, bad graphics, just being honest. Feels kinds rushed, lame player count and noe servers are destroyed thanks to a recent nintendo decision, but overall it is a ok game and fun.)
    11. no more heroes1-2 (humor. This game made me laugh some times and that is rare with me and videogames)
    12. Skate-it

    13 Help me wii is horrible i dont have snyrhing to plsy right now most of interesting games i find aren't available or are very hsrd to download, or sre way too heavy to fit in my usb.

    Edit: I don't know how to use the keyboard, if you read this try not to bleed


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