Nintendo Wii Hidden Gems – The Wii's Best Kept Secrets | RGT 85


The Nintendo Wii was an interesting console for Nintendo, but many said the Wii was not for hardcore gamers. However, there were tons of awesome hidden gems of the Nintendo Wii, and many were overlooked. Let’s take a look at the hidden gems of the Nintendo Wii! Shirts: Patreon: Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Facebook: For more retro content, visit http: //



  1. Can you do a conduit review? It was so fun! I liked it better then Metroid Prime 3! And well I guess I'll concede your point on Conduit 2 winces since it became a Halo clone. Not all that bad if you research the "lore" which is basically every conspiracy theory is real. Your life IS controlled by aliens. Lmfao. So funny yet so serious?

  2. Those who don't want to watch the whole video here's what he reviewed. Obscure 2 : the aftermath. 2. . murmasa : the demon blade 3. Silent hill : shattered memories 4. Nights journey to dreams 5. Final fantasy : the crystal bears 6. Ghostbusters 7. The conduit 8.tenchu shadow assassians 9. Zack and wiki

  3. Ok some underrated Wii games that are good. 1. Marines modern urban combat 2. Godfather :blackhand edition , hot wheels 3. Speed racer 4. Dead space extraction 5. Dream pinball 3d 6. Hidden treasures 7. Tournament of legends 8. Red steel , 9. Game party 3 10. Tasinoko. Vs capcom 11. Onechunbarba. : bikini zombie slayers


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