Nintendo Wii Pickups – 100% Wii Games – Hidden Gems On The Cheap


Disclaimer: This is a generic pickups video about some Wii games. No crazy deals, no amazing finds and nothing all that interesting. + Bonus audio pops from an incorrectly calibrated mic! You have been warned! 😉

I recently started picking up some of the better titles for the system and have inadvertently ended up with a bit of a collection. They’re so cheap and just about everywhere I go seems to have Wii games for sale. I’ve been having fun looking for the hidden gems and obscure hits.

Games I already own and highly recommend,
Dead Space
Mad World
A Boy And His Blob
Batman – The Brave and The Bold
HOTD – Overkill
HOTD – Collection
The Conduit
Boom Blox 2
Warioware Smooth Moves
Link’s Crossbow Training
Ghost Squad

Before removing the stickers and cleaning these up I decided to make a quick video about what I’d found.

Thanks for watching! .



  1. Last Story, Xenoblade, Sin and Punishment, Shadows Tail, Fatal Frame, Masamura Demon Blade, Fragile Dreams, Mad World are all great games.

    Pandoras Tower is ok, as are the Endless Ocean series.

  2. muscle march(HA!),sin and punishment, snk collection, resident evil dark side and umbrella chronicles, ghost squad, house of the dead,house of the dead overkill,exite truck.the bit trip stuff.there are some great games on the system besides all the shit shovelled 

  3. I would say that Steven Spielberg's Boom Blox is one of the most over looked games on the Wii. It was some how marketed wrong. What happens when a rich movie director basically throws a ton of money at EA because he wanted a video game for his kids? The result was a fabulous puzzle solver and for both adults and children. 

  4. RetroGameTech You'll definitely want to pick up Obscure The Aftermath (Old school Resident Evil clone), Dewy's Adventure (fun Konami game), Overlord Dark Legend and No More Heroes 1 & 2.  All are GREAT games and can be bought fairly cheap.  I would also highly recommend Silent Hill Shattered Memories but it goes for more around $30, completely worth it though!

  5. hi good day the red steel game . have you had a chance to use the motion plus controller compared to the old one .. and if you have is they any difference to the game play . 

  6. No More Heroes is a good Wii game, not a quite sure it is a 'hidden' gem but it's defiantly worth checking out. I remember buying it for I think £2.50 a few years ago so it should be just as cheap now. I haven't played the sequel but I've heard that's good too.

  7. Suggestions: Sin & Punishment is a can't miss game. Mad World is another great game, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is pretty good for an RPG. Deadly Creatures isn't too bad either…Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Hopper do the voice acting in it.

    I can also tell you a game not to get….Alone in the Dark. I don't care what anyone says about broken controls in a game, the driving controls in this game are the worst in gaming. Don't believe me, play the game and judge for yourself. In this game, you literally have to luck your way through a level. You'll spend hours wrecking a car that only response to you about 25% of the time, only to completely skip over a whole level at the end…yes that broken of a game…

  8. Hey Martin, I just started collecting the more obscure games or hidden gems for the ps3 and because I took your advice on a few of your hidden gem wii games I was wondering if you were collecting at all for the ps3?  There are some games that are less known and great games.  Thanks!

  9. Metal Slug Anthology is great. No More Heroes is fun, Mad World is great. Zak & Wiki is a good puzzler, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom is an amazing fighter, House Of the Dead Overkill is hilarious and brilliant.

  10. Without looking at my collection some games I would suggest: fragile dreams, arc rise fantasia, the calling, ju on, spray, spyborgs, dokapon kingdom, Sakura wars, lost in shadow, munchables….. Atleast for little known titles


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