Nintendo Wii U Buying Guide + 16 Best Games!


Is the Nintendo Wii U console a faulty console? Or HIDDEN GEM? So many great games Kelsey & Metal Jesus want to show you! This guide will help new buyers with the most recommended hardware, accessories, and 16 games. GAMES SHOWN: Super Mario 3D World Bayonetta 2 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Nintendo Land Woolly World Super Smash Bros. by Yoshi for Wii U Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Xenoblade Chronicles X Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Wonderful 101 Super Mario Maker Splatoon Mario Kart 8 Pikmin 3 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild FOLLOW US Twitter: MetalJesusRocks Facebook: Site: Reddit: https: // Kelsey: / kelseylewin Shop for Metal Jesus t-shirts: Consider supporting my videos on Patreon: http: //



  1. It might be fun to follow up this video with THIRD PARTY GAMES for Wii U, like Batman:Arkham City-Armored Edition, Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director's Cut, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, etc. What do you think?

  2. I love you MetalJesus but I really fancy women, that in this case I mean Kelsey. With the utmost respect Kelsey you are my ideal type. Anyway I wanted to keep this a gaming comment. The WiiU in my opinion was a misunderstood console and I’ll put an example. I played Breath of the Wild on the WiiU…for 255 hours and I did the whole story and extras as you know. Also what a few of my friends can’t believe is I did all of this on the gamepad. Some people still don’t believe me but my best friend can confirm. I like anyone’s opinion that loves Zelda BotW but it was not even a challenge using the gamepad it was a pleasure. Love you both 🙂

  3. Just stumbled across this video now. Have been watching ya metal Jesus for a long time now. But I loved the Wii U. Love my switch as well. But loved how they transferred your paid vc games over. (Except for a couple) but loved so many games on it. I’ll say yoshi games are easy to beat, but to complete them is hard sometimes. And this made me fall in love with a platoon. Even going as far as to buy the books. Just waiting for a new earthbound experience to come out still. Love you all have a good day. Tell someone you love them, bye!!!

  4. The Wii U is one of the most underrated consoles by far, it sucks that it never got the recognition that it deserved…
    Although at least most of the good games on it are being ported to the switch, so I guess there's that

  5. It’s 2021 and The WiiU is still selling for more than $100-$150 on the used market. I was lucky to find one in my town for $100. I modded it to play GameCube and now it can play everything Nintendo from the wiiu and older which is really cool.

  6. It’s really weird to me how I’m exclusively into the GameCube and Wii U. Like I love the Switch but JoyCon drift has kept me far away from playing it as often as the Cube/U. Nevertheless, the Wii U is a highly underrated system that deserves more love.

    I’ve been buying a lot of games from the Wii U eShop recently, mostly in part to the insane prices of physical games. Plus, I have no idea when the eShop will close so I want to take advantage of getting the games I can’t afford digitally.

  7. Its weird rewatching this. I remember playing watchdogs on the wii u and it was so good! I love that it upscales wii games! It can be home-brewed to play dvds & gamecube games!
    If the game pad wasnt mandatory half the time it would have done better. Also the naming. The wii u reminds me of the dreamcast alot. It was overpowered above the 7th gen consoles but not as powerful as the 8th gen consoles that came out right after it.


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