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Nioh 2 best builds | Green Man Gaming

It doesn’t take long before you realize that success Nioh 2 doesn’t just depend on the capabilities and equipment you use. Instead, the only way to really excel in Nioh 2 is to adopt a character build that allows you to get the most out of your chosen playstyle while balancing optimal damage output with ability. survival. Sharpen your sword and ax, these are the best versions of Nioh 2 you can get.

Nioh 2 Best version for beginners

It’s fair to say that from the start Nioh 2, Builds don’t really matter as your characters’ stats, gear, and abilities are far from mature enough. As such, it is advisable to spend a lot of time experimenting and testing different weapons in order to find the playstyle that suits you best. To help you, you will need the Book of Reincarnation which allows you to reset your levels and skills. This item can be purchased from the Blacksmith once you save Senji Toyo in the second main story mission titled “ The Best Born of Smoke and Flame ”.

While there is a lot to be said for finding out which style of play is right for you early on, there are nonetheless a number of universal truths that, once understood, will help you a lot at the start. The first of these is that understanding the enemy’s attack patterns is essential, as this will allow you to reduce the number of hits you take, while also encouraging you to adopt a more aggressive playstyle. and inflicting damage. Likewise, survivability is also crucial early on, so increasing the Heart and Body level to 10 will provide you with a solid foundation to build on as you learn the basics of attacking with your chosen weapon.

Finally, when it comes to weapons, it should be noted that different scales of weapons with specific statistics. For me personally, using Dual Swords proved to be effective early on, not least because it offered a much appreciated balance between high damage ranges and improved mobility. Again, depending on your playstyle your mileage may vary.

Nioh 2 Best Build – Double Swords

Nioh 2The best build in this game is the one that uses dual swords, as a lot of what makes it such a good weapon at the start translates well into midgame and lategame as well. The beauty of Nioh 2 is the great creative latitude that allows the player to tinker and experiment with stats, skills, and gear. So don’t worry if you don’t exactly meet the requirements of this build as you may very well discover some wrinkles and modifications that work best for you.

The important thing to remember is that one of the best weapons in the game for this version, the Type 2 Odachi, scales your stats in a largely similar fashion. This means the Heart and Stamina stats will start at C and scale from there, allowing for a wide variety of builds using dual swords. Primarily, a Dual Swords build really excels once players start adding additional Constitution points for Light Armor as endgame approaches. The advantage of this approach is that it plays directly into the Dual Swords addiction to deal extremely high amounts of damage while dodging. Additionally, as you get past level 100 and beyond, it is also worth accumulating some points on the magic stat as this will allow you to pair the weapon with an upgrade or talisman. decent magic.

Nioh 2 Best Build – Statistics

As you rush into the Endgame of Nioh 2, your stats (again, your particular mileage may vary) while using a Dual Swords version should look like this:

Constitution 25 Courage 10Dexterity 5Heart 30Magic 15Skill 99Stamina 5Strength 10

Nioh 2 – Complete Edition on PC on February 5, 2021 you can buy your digital copy here.

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