NOW is the Best Time to Buy a Steam Deck


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  1. Hi friends! Did you guys end up getting a Steam Deck or any great games on Sale?

    Here are some of my favorite things:

    I'm sorry that this video came out late. I wanted to get it out earlier, but life got in the way.

    Also, some of these links are affiliate links.

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  2. im sure they struggle selling them, its a premium item, no one will really want to spend 500 bucks on them when you can easily upgrade a GPU in your desktop for that price as well, i went with a switch oled

  3. i like it but 500 linus does not not make sense heck i bought a amd 2700u laptop 125 buck 16gvb ram i say that because lots of thing are comparable in terms of cash if you go used but its not cool and tiny like the steam deck .i raly game but i may buy one at some point

  4. @baldlyrudy

    I know I’m late to the party but I would like some assurance from someone who seems to know their stuff, or anyone who can help. I’m thinking about getting a steam deck (especially because of the sale) but have a few things holding me back. The main reason is that I worry I won’t get enough use out of it/be bored with it within a week. I have a Nintendo switch that I don’t really use anymore, and would rather not have my steam deck become the same thing. Is there anything that can fully assure me that this purchase would be worthwhile

  5. You can get this on offerup used ones, good shape, 1/4th the price of orginal. I own one. I wouldn't recommend buying a new one. The steamdeck 2.0 or whatever there going to call it will drop next year or late this year.

    It might even be better to spend more on the new ROG system.
    As the future of this outdated processor and weird gpu is quickly falling short of a few other handhelds on the market today.

  6. Thankkkkk youuuuu for pointing out it needs to be a 2230!!! In ALL the tutorial videos I've watched regarding the memory upgrades, NOBODY said anything about that. It makes sense, but it's one of those small details I overlooked. I ended up ordering the Sabrent 2242 then watched this video, and was able to cancel before shipping and order the proper one. THANK YOU.

  7. I want to know to get a steam deck or rogue ally? I’m not a good tinkerer but I have kids and can’t play my Xbox as much anymore but I also want to play the new games like starfield and such. Will a steam deck be more reliable or a rog ally steam deck seems cheaper and I already got a big sd card so idk what to pick

  8. You didn't mention Elden Ring or Cyberpunk on Steam Deck! Very demanding AAA titles that run amazing on such a portable device. Personally I'm replaying them on my Deck.


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