OUR Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2021!


Check out YOUR picks for the best games this year – https://youtu.be/5Ll9ac2KyxE Welcome to day 12 of our 12 Days of SwitchUp – 12 videos leading up to Christmas Eve and covering a variety of topics related to all things Switch, does more of a podcast style so we can just chat, basically! Today we have our FINAL video from 12 Days of SwitchUp – we sincerely hope you enjoyed them – they were challenging but a lot of fun to put together! Perhaps we could do the same for major holidays etc. ? It’s the last day to get a discount on our website and a big thank you to all of you for watching this year on SwitchUp! Mark and Glen #New #NintendoSwitch #Games #Best #2021 Many thanks to Dave Morrish from Savedex Gaming for his help in editing this video. Please check out his channel here: – https://www.youtube.com/c/savedexgaming 12 Days of SwitchUp 0:00 Try and Survive! 1:43 Surprisingly good shooter 3:25 Old but golden 5:54 Best JRPG of the year? 8:26 Little CROW Big Sword 11:34 I still haven’t played! 14:14 Incredible first outing 17:31 It’s all about strategy 19:57 Baby number 1! 22:37 Climb to the top! 26:14 Competition 2 Switch OLEDS 29:37 Gameplay footage for The Binding of Isaac is provided via portable players. Check out their channel here: – https://www.youtube.com/c/HandheldPlayers The color changing joycon we use – save $10 with code: SWITCHUP Product link: https://bit.ly/30tIm0N – they are very comfortable, have GYRO, Rumble (standard) and a good D-Pad. Additionally, they load normally on the Switch. Great Joycon. If you’ve been supporting us for a long time, consider supporting us on Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/SwitchUpGaming Looking for eshop credit? Get OFFICIAL Nintendo Eshop Cards and more, at our new website and online store here – https://switchup.gg/ Get 10% off your order with code SWITCHUP until December 24th. Don’t forget that we’re giving away 2 (!) Nintendo Switch OLED editions on Christmas Day. To enter, just leave comments as normal, but if you use our website www.SwitchUp.gg (Code: SWITCHUP) to save 10% on your Eshop vouchers, you’re automatically entered into a prize draw! Happy Days! If you are a physical collector, you can use the code “SwitchUp” to save 5% on PlayAsia https://www.play-asia.com Link to our Discord here:- https://discord.gg/bS8QuSy Happy Gaming Mark & ​​Glen SwitchUp Number of subscribers: – 226,200 .



  1. This is IT – day 12 of our Christmas series – just 2 Switch OLEDS to giveaway tomorrow. Please leave your country in your comment – it will make logistics way easier. We will announce the winner tomorrow! Love you guys and thanks so much for being a part of SwitchUp this year – it means the world to Glen and I! Keep it SwitchUp, Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Seeeeeyyyyaaa! Mark and Glen

  2. Can anyone please share with me the titles of the Honorable Mentions in the opening sequence?!? They look amazing as well! Cheers ?

    Edit: I found Deaths Gambit and The Wild at Heart so far

  3. I tried Metroid Dread just last night using the DEMO and I can say that I'm hooked to the game. It's highly likely that I'll buy the physical copy of this game.

    Eastward looks great also.

  4. Just got a physical copy of Disco Elysium thanks for the recommendation ? It came with a poster!! Can’t wait to see what it’s all about. I’ve been a digital collector until now with this game. ?

  5. Great picks again guys! Mine would be Loop Hero (as mentioned), Lost in Random & Dice Legacy (love dice implementation), Kingdom of Amalur (while played before on PS3) and Curse of the dead Gods.
    And though from 2019 (but being expanded constantly): Atomicrops, which I'm playing more than Isaac now (which I know you like, too;o) ). Cheers!

  6. You too are so incredibly wholesome! Brings a tear to my eye. I can feel y'alls passion for video games and the cheerful banter making me smile. I looove y'alls channel so much. Been doing an epic Switch up binge this week and adding to my ever growing backlog. lol. I was happy to be able to scratch off 5 games from my BL last year! <3

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  8. I like the pokemon games but the best game Nintendo made was drumroll please……………………………………………………………..Hades! truth is I like Zagreus

  9. Just got my first monster hunter game. Rise is my new obsession it was 2 in the morning I looked up at the clock what the hell am I doing that was a 11 hrs straight. Played the demo when it first and it was okay but a little slow. Gave it a chance because of you and it was on sale. The dual blades did it for me it's fast agile wish I could take them into battle with a bow that would be a perfect pairing for me. hopefully in the next one, or in a DLC.

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  11. As you were remarking about Disco Elysium – "a game can fall down on certain components… but that doesn't necessarily change how much we enjoy it personally…"
    I think that this statement is hinting that the types of fun in a game are not merely the product of the quality of components. There are different player motivations for fun – competition, achievement, expression, slow decisions, quick reactions, player interactions, discovery/exploration, deduction, sensory pleasure, etc. Something that I would really like to see highlighted in game reviews is the type of player who will enjoy it. Like, what in the primary loop of the game is "fun". Why is it fun? This is a mostly subjective judgment because reviewers will have biases towards certain kinds of fun. However, if the type of fun can be identified, then the audience can also be identified and the numerical values will have more weight.

  12. This was a great series! I was missing 2 videos and now that is over, let me say thanks to both of you! 2021 was a great year of content, recommendations and sales!


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