Outriders Is Looking REALLY GOOD (NEW RPG Looter Shooter)


Outriders is an upcoming third-person looter shooter RPG that looks better and better with each update. This game could very well be a competitor to The Division, Warframe, and Destiny. If they can pull off the progression of the fight and the end of the game, that seems to have potential. Spend some time on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/forcegaming Today I’m going to cover everything we’ve learned about the game over the past year. We’ve received several updates from the developers looking at the new gameplay for all four playable classes, as well as game structure, systems, loot, and end-game content. Let’s jump in. #LooterShooter #RPG #Outriders Thanks for watching! .



  1. The close ups of the faces during the campaign. It's looks so bad…. I hope it gets a patch because all I could think during the demo was….

    "The Faces are @#$&ed" couldn't even pay attention to the dialogue because it was so bad.

  2. Destiny 2 set the bar so fucking low, basically ANYTHING is better than it. The only good point of Destiny 2 is how silky smooth the gameplay feels – an absolutely unique thing that I never experienced in other games (not a matter of FPS/Hz)

  3. They have gone into much more detail about the end game since this video was made and it makes the game much more compelling for me. They will have an entire system with entirely new zones so we don't have to redo content we have already completed. They have a great video about it. I'm really looking forward to this game

  4. I just hope enemies won't be bullet sponges .
    Remnant from the ashes i feel does it perfectly , although bosses on higher difficulties with friends feel like they have too much HP , dark souls for example does bosses prefectly in my opnion , they have a good amount of HP but hit hard and are unpredictable ( they are too easy with friends tho ) .

  5. This is what I want Gears of War to evolve into. Take the Gears 5 semi-open world base and inject it with online looter-shooter mechanics. Give me locust dungeons, raids, weapon and gear drops. Let me grind quests with my friends. Give me a reason to keep coming back. I know some people may not like this, but if Gears wants to survive they need to change. Gears 5 was great, but many of us played the campaign and never touched it again.


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