Over 20 of the BEST Free VR Games 2022 (PCVR & Quest)


Welcome back. Today I continue to help you get the most out of your VR headsets in 2022 so now we have a list of over 20 of the BEST Free VR games. This includes both free PCVR games and free Quest games. To help you find what you are looking for it’s organized by genre

Intro 00:00
Sponsored AD 00:33
FPS 01:04
Gun Raiders
Propagation VR
Horror 02:31
Propagation VR
Polar Dread
Shattered Lights
Roomscale 03:21
Shattered Lights
Tea for God
Social 04:04
Rec Room
Vr Chat
Neos VR
Racing 05:40
Touring Karts
Puzzle 06:20
We Are One
Competitive/Esport 06:49
Echo VR
Gym Class
Gorilla Tag
Cards and Tankards
MMO 08:50
A Township Tale
Action/Adventure 09:14
Battle Talent
A Very Potter VR Game
Mini Games 10:04
The Lab
Spider-man experiences
Creativity Apps 10:57
Gravity Sketch
Entertainment Apps 11:17
Amazon Prime
Big Screen
Google Earth VR

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  1. I played a free game that popped up when I logged into Quest, You are on a platform protecting a portal from ogres, you have to shoot them with a bow and arrow as them come towards you, however, I cannot find it again. Can someone tell me where this game is at?

  2. You should have added Wadality it’s an amazing game that’s really fun but it’s literally got 0 players on steam rn as I right this comment but has a applab version as well which has some players

  3. I am not very fond of sport vr games and vr board games but thanks
    Edit: also I am so sick of everyone recommending gorilla tag while at its core it’s just not a good game and it has a terrible community.

  4. Aircar is an oldie but goldie. A nice experience where you fly around a cyberpunk world in, you guessed it, an aircar. There are 8 landing places to get extra fuel and a booster pack. For the rest, it’s just flying around in a gorgeous environment….

  5. 1. Super Raft BoatVR – looks like trash but it’s actually a fun and addictive formula

    2. Shopping trip to Elkantor – a quick but fun hidden object game. Strikes a similar itch as hidden folks.

    3. Raceroom Racing Experience – if you have a wheel and pedals, this is a full on racing sim experience for free! The visuals are a little dated but the gameplay is pretty good and it has an active community. It’s a a flat screen game that has decent VR support.


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