Overwatch 2 Disabling Aim Assist Ruins Fun For Console Players

Overwatch 2 Disabling Aim Assist Ruins Fun For Console Players

Junker Queen destroys the ruler of Junkertown using her ultimate, Rampage.

Image: Blizzard

While Blizzard was preoccupied with effectively powering Overwatch 2 off and back on last night and accidentally did a third of his heroes temporarily unplayable In an effort to fix issues that only affect two, players have taken umbrage with another part of the struggling hero shooter: the disabling of aim aids for console players in cross-matches with other on PC.

Back in June 2021, Blizzard has announced that Overwatch is going crossplay, allowing PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox players to play together. While its implementation did some good by allowing players to bundle the payload across platforms, a Redditor noted that there was a major downside to the cross-play experience for console players. . Yesterday, Redditor KellySweetHeart posted a message on the r/Overwatch subreddit highlighting how crossplay disables aim aids for console players during matches with PC players, leading to a “significant decrease in their aiming consistency” and spoiling the fun for everyone involved.

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“For some it’s just a hindrance, but others just find it less fun to play being disadvantaged in this way,” KellySweetHeart said in the post. “It’s a total disappointment because PC gamers are already performing better on average, so it hits like a double whammy.”

KellySweatheart told Kotaku that this has been a problem for gamers since crossplay was implemented in 2021, but is now causing renewed frustration as interest in the game increased again following the release of OW2. .

“People don’t understand that disabling aim assist for some players makes them totally useless in the PC pool and that directly reflects in their game stats when they play,” he told Kotaku.

While the reasoning behind disabling auto-aim could be dismissed as a way to make competitive play fair between console and PC players, other Redditors chimed in, saying it shouldn’t matter because the modes competitive games cannot be played in crossplay. In any event. This gave credence to many Redditors responding to KellySweetHeart’s post to make the case that aim aids should be enabled during fast-paced games of OW2, since people there only play for fun in first place.

“If they don’t, at least let console gamers plug an M&K into their consoles and just match through an input device. (Other games do this very well)”, a Redditor wrote.

“Imagine playing any shooter, but instead of a mouse, you’re given a flight simulator joystick to use to try aiming. That’s what it’s like to play on a controller without any aiming aid. another said.

“I had no idea this was something going on in PC lobbies and now it explains why the characters I play always feel ‘off’ when I play with my PC friends”, wrote another Redditor.

Kiriko gives Genji and Hanzo a boost.

Image: Blizzard

Some people on Twitter have also expressed their annoyance with the disabling of auto-aim for console players in crossplay.

“Overwatch 2 having crossplay enabled by default but controller players not getting any aim assist, that’s fucked lol,” a Twitter user said.

“I just realized that with Overwatch 2, if you play cross-platform, it punishes console players by disabling aim assist for them in PC lobbies. Usually it’s the other way around lmao , ” wrote another Twitter user.

“The biggest issue I have with #Overwatch2 is the lack of aim assist when playing PC lobbies. I finished playing with my friends on PC after today. I really love the crossplay in this game, so much fun,” another Twitter user said, ending his tweet with this emoji →?‍♂️.

It would be economically disconnected, to say the least, to suggest that gamers with this problem simply buy a PC. Nonetheless, KellySweetHeart, apparently anticipating that some readers might suggest this, nipped the line in the bud in an edit to his post, saying the reason he and his friends aren’t buying PCs is because they can’t. not afford it.

“The hundreds or thousands of dollars they would need to invest in a rig capable of running OW2 versus the MSRP-rated PS5 would be the difference of months of bills,” KellySweetHeart said.

He added that not being able to buy a PC doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to play OW2 with friends, and that players shouldn’t be “segregated based on the price of their hardware.”

And for those who might think that aim assist would be an overpowered perk for console players if implemented in crossmatches, KellySweetHeart thinks otherwise. “As for the aim assist, mechanically speaking it works very well. [in Overwatch 2] and is much more subtle compared to other games with crossplay enabled and I think it gives the game a more competitive grit,” he told Kotaku.

Kotaku has contacted Blizzard for comment.


Article source https://kotaku.com/overwatch-crossplay-aim-assist-pc-console-advantage-1849644283


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