PoE Lake of Kalandra Skill Tree Guide

PoE Lake of Kalandra

The Atlas skill tree was introduced to the Atlas Siege League long ago, and it has remained one of the most crucial aspects of Path of exile, especially in terms of endgame. The passive skill tree is the main feature used to increase the instances players enter through the map device. With Kalandra’s Lake PoE already underway, the Exiles are wondering what are the most optimal routes for their Atlas for farming. This PoE Lake of Kalandra Skill Tree guide will help players figure that out.

What is the Atlas skill tree in PoE?

As mentioned, the Atlas Skill Tree is separate from assigning player abilities. Instead of increasing characters, Atlas tweaks and improves encounters, crowd density, and rarity drops in maps. This skill card makes card encounters more lucrative and valuable.

In the Atlas tree, there are a ton of nodes that players can allocate points to, which, in turn, would influence how maps are modified. While these more minor keystones have small increases individually, they provide a huge bonus when taken collectively. Here are all the lower nodes of the Atlas skill tree:

Higher Map Level Chance – cards have a 5% chance to be 1 level higher when droppingAtlas Currency Chance – provides 1% more chance of map currency items after defeating the final map boss Atlas Scarab Chance – provides 1% additional Scarab drop chance from final map bossMap Boss Rarity – increases rarity of items dropped by map bosses by 25% Map Modifier Effect – increases effect of modifiers on maps non-unique by 2% Map Drop Duplication – increases the chance of cards being duplicated by 0.5%Adjacent Map Drop Chance – grants a monster on each map a 2% chance to drop an additional connected card card completion 3% chance to use unique card crafting option for free and provides 15% chance for instances to drop cards 1 level up Shaping Mountains – grants completions Card nts 10% chance to use random card crafting option for free and provides 15% chance for instances to drop cards 1 level up Subtle manipulations – provides 10% for M aps for not consuming Scarabs Lasting influence – provides 1 additional use for sextant modifiersEnriched Entities – ensures that final map bosses drop additional base currency while increasing the chance of map bosses being duplicated by 20% Dimensional Barrier – maps have no chance to spawn breaches and a chance to produce other additional content Sun-adorned – cards have no chance to generate abyss and 2% chance to produce other additional contentTrade Embargo – cards have no chance to generate Expedition encounters and 2% chance of producing other additional Black Thumb – cards have no chance of f area Sacred Grove and 2% chance to spawn other additional contentSealed Domain – cards have no chance to spawn Legion Encounters and 2% chance to spawn other additional contentStraight and Narrow – cards have no no chance of spawning Smuggler’s Caches, Rogue’s Markers, Contracts and Blueprints and 2% chance of spawning other additional content Ethics Review – cards have no chance of spawning Metam Orph Encounters and 2% chance of spawning produce other additional contentOminous Silence – cards have no chance to generate Mirror of Delirium and 2% chance to produce other additional contentFungal Remission – cards have no chance to generate Blight Encounters and 2% of chance to produce other additional contentSecular Focus – cards have no chance to spawn ritual altars and 2% chance to produce other additional content are

Like most skill trees, this one has tons of major and minor keystones that will greatly improve certain aspects of this feature. In the latest Atlas update, 20 major nodes were added to the tree, providing the most notable changes to the game. Here are all the major keystones added from 3.18:

Grand Design – negates small Atlas passive skills while granting the card 1% increase in pack size per point allocated to the notable skill of the Atlas Wandering Path Passive – negates notable skills of passive Atlas and provides 100% bonus effect for passive Atlas minor skills Singular Focus – gains 200% chance of found cards turning into favorite cards, and drops from non-favorite cards turning into currency items baseShadow Shaping – prevents favored cards from appearing and allows found cards to have a 1% chance to have special implicit modifiers for each individual card that is FavoredTwist of Fate – unpredictably alter corrupted rare cards, Atlas missions, map crafting options, and scarabs when opening themStream of Consciousness – prevents maps from being modified by shards in de out of Godships and gains a 50% base chance to spawn additional contentCaptivated Interest – the Maven’s Crucible has a 25% chance to spawn Crescent Splinters, a 25% increase in item drops, and bosses are released Inevitable Ambush – Shaper and Elder Guardians are healed and accompanied by an ally after dropping to 33% health, and allies have a chance to reward shards. Destruction – monsters on maps deal 25% more damage but have 25% less LifeHeight of Hubris – increases the effects of modifiers in invites by 100% Wrath of the Cosmos – using Eldritch Altars increases the chance that Eldritch currency items are duplicated by 25% per area, player damage by 25%, and lesser and greater Eldritch currency items become large Eldritch currency by 25%. 85 and will allow both the Shaper and Elder to be at full power while having a 100% chance to drop an Orb of Dominance Throw the Gauntlet – No Mercy and Empathy is set at level 85 and will unleash the full power of Maven while ensuring the boss drops an ascended SextantMemento Mori – Cortex is set to level 85 and will unleash the full power of Venarius while ensuring the boss drops 3 additional rare loot with 3 less common synthesized implicit modifiers The Perfect Storm – The Eye of the Storm is set to level 85 and will unleash the full power of Sirus while ensuring the boss has a 20% chance to drop an Awakened Support Gem Thirst for Knowledge – The Absence of Patience and Wisdom is set to level 85. It will unleash the full power of the Burning Exarch while ensuring that eldritch currency items dropped by the boss have a 50% chance of being duplicated. Insatiable Appetite – Lack of Symmetry and Harmony is set at level 85 and will unleash the full power of the World Eater while ensuring the boss has a 25% chance to drop an additional Exceptional Ichor Eldritch

Most Atlas skill tree setups revolve around the arrival of at least one of these important nodes. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it would be good for players to know which one to choose.

Best early game Atlas skill tree in Lake Kalandra

This setup is the best allocation for players new to the game or for those new to the league. This tree focuses on farming materials that can help in the progression of future characters. Here is the best distro for early games:

Stream of Consciousness Setup

Adjacent Map Spawn Chance x11Essence Rare Chance x2Prolific EssenceExtra Spawn Chance x2Twice Tented Higher Map Tier Chance x2Shaping the MountainsDomination Shrine Duration x2Shaping the SkiesAdditional Harbinger Shards x2Ominous ArrivalMap Drop Duplication x10Stream of ConsciousnessCommissioned OfficerHigher Map Tier Chance x5Shaping the SeasShaping the ValleysStrongbox Chance to be Reopenable Secret OperationsTamper -Evidence Item Quantity x4Additional Harbinger Chance x3First Wave Item Quantity & Rarity x2Essence LuckAmplified EnergiesStrong Box Item QuantityDivine Strongbox LuckChance of Arcanist’s Vault of Mysteries Save Cache Best Endgame Atlas Kalandra Lake PoE Skill Tree

The best endgame setups are those with high risk but high reward. These are mostly used by powerful late game builds and rarely by League-Starters. Here is the best endgame Atlas skill tree allocation:

Eldritch-Legion Setup

Adjacent Map Drop Chance x14Essence Rare Chance x2Prolific EssenceExtra Drop Chance x2Shrine of Domination Duration x3SupplicationShaping the MountainsLoved by the SunBlack ThumbHigh Map Tier Chance x9Shaping the SkiesEthics ReviewFungal RemissionExtra Precursor Shards x2Stream of ConsciousnessShaping the SeasShaping the ValleysMap Drop Duplication x13Strongbox Chance to be ReopenableSecret OperationsTamper-ProofEssence Chance x2Remnant of Corruption Essence Chance x2Crystal ResonanceDomination Shrine Chance x5Drawn to PowerAdditional Harbinger Chance x3Indicible OffensiveFirst WaveItem Quantity x3Item Quantity and Rarity x2Amplified EnergiesEater of Worlds Influence Pack Size x4Creeping GrowthEldritch GazeLegion Effectable Legion Map x3Emble World Templar Chance x3Templar Legion of CommandE5Templar Chance of CommandE5 Item ChanceThe Shadow of HungerAtlas Currency Chance x4Lasting InfluenceAll That Glitters

After completing all Acts, Maps and Heists will be the main features that players will grind. Ensuring players get the most out of these instances will improve the gameplay experience. Use these configurations to optimize every map run in Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra.

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