Pokémon Video Game Prices Are Out Of Control


Pokémon video game prices are currently out of control. HeartGold SoulSilver, Platinum, and Black 2 White 2 are the three big ones currently, but even Diamond Pearl and Black White have become expensive. Why is this happening, what should you do, and what do I think?

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  1. This has really opened my eyes, I am quite an impatient person and really want things to happen at the moment I want, so I am one of those people who bought Pearl, White, and Platinum with such a high price. Seeing this I realized that I should cherish the games I have and spend my time with those and wait until the prices drop. I really want to complete my collection. I was also thinking them as a reselling object in the future but that was the greedy side of me, this video has really made me realize that I shouldn't think like that and that I should let my love for pokemon take over instead of being greedy. I hope more people watch your video. It did a great job for me and possibly many others.

  2. I decided to try for a 'living dex' in the early 2010's and bought what I thought was every Pokemon game I didn't have. I only realized in 2022 that I missed Leaf green somehow – thankfully the only Pokemon game I've bought at the inflated prices.

  3. I am so glad that i went through my crazy "buy every single mainline pokemon game i don't have" back from 2015-2017. Theres only a few games i didnt get as i didnt feel i needed them. But i still play all of them frequently.

  4. Unfortunately this video aged like dogshit but here is what i recommend for everyone moving forward:

    Just buy all the currently available mainline games (even the spin-offs you like). Pokémon is unfortunately susceptible to price spikes (even tho they all sell MILLIONS of copies??) so this is the best way to preserve a copy for yourself. You may say "no shit", but the same people who said that years ago during the late gen 4/gen 5 era missed out and now theyre looking back on how good those games were but they cant afford an authentic copy. Who's to say that won't happen again with the Switch games? If you're a big Pokémon fan, you can spare the money so you don't have to deal with this again. And now is a good time to do so because we're moving to successor of the Nintendo Switch! Don't wait before it's too late.

    And lastly, the prices of the DS games may never go down sadly. We'll just have to wait for those Black and White remakes and possible Let's Go Johto games. I know we all hated BDSP but again, it's better to be safe than sorry because there's no telling how big the price will be for it in the future.

  5. And they're still expensive af. I had both Pearl and SoulSilver years ago, i gave pearl to a friend of mine (for free) and got scammed with SoulSilver at selling it. I bought Pearl for 9 euros off Vinted after a month of searching for a good offer (because i dont wanna spend 20 euros for just the cartridge).

  6. Hey. Future pokemon fan here. Its 2024, those 3 pokemon games are still overpriced. Pretty sure even more xD thank god I own them all since they were released.

  7. You should look at the sale figures for the newest Pokemon games. It's like 50-60mil copies, and there's only 7 million copies of platinum to go around them and that's assuming All 7 million copies are in the language the buyer wants, and they are in working condition. Newcomers want to experience the old games.

  8. Thanks for making this video! As many people have pointed out this video didn't age too great…but! The prices definitely did still go down from when this vid was released! Unfortunately people dont really notice that because the prices are still high but all of the games dropped at least 30$!

  9. Just subscribed
    Even tho i didnt owned a NDS before (bought this month through facebook and will have to fix it).
    And just now am getting aware of pokemon games prices, am a game collector since the PS1 era.
    Never drop my love for videogames and now that my daughter was born am even more aware of the importance of great things that wont go with time.
    But i live in the third world and if isnt for piracy, i wouldnt even know most of the ps1 and ps2 games i played in my youth, so now that im getting into the nintendo world, im not ashame to get some fake cartridges the have some experience with phisical copies.
    In Brazil in the 80's was barelly ilegal to import, so big companies used to get the license to produce (fake) consoles and games.
    Nintendo didnt cared for Brazil so they left and never went back since the times of SNES, so nintendo games are quite rare here, most people used to play fake PS1 games and only rich kids that bought abroad had N64.
    I was in college in the times of NDS and was married when the 3DS went out.
    I got a PS3 when i got married and still have most games i bought ever since, including real PS1 and PS2 of my favorite that i played in fake versions.

  10. The fact that these prices haven't gotten down since this video was released (and in some cases shot up) is proof that they're here to stay for a while, at least until Nintendo gathers enough wits to bank on gamers wanting to play older titles. But I doubt Nintendo will bring these games on to modern consoles before they decide to remake them. They simply haven't shown any interest in doing either.


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