Prize Fiesta: the game with real rewards


Who doesn’t like to play on a smartphone? By playing games, you can earn thousands of points, but are these points are usually used to get you the highest score? However, with Prize Fiesta, thanks to these points, you may win a real gift that will be delivered to your home! All you have to do is to play! Do you want to be well treated for playing? We will introduce you to this special game, which allows you to win real gifts such as smartphones, tablets, connected watches, etc. More than 4,400 gifts have been already won!

Our team has tested it and provided you with valuable tips to put all the chances by your side. To find out how to win these prizes, read this article until the end!

A game that everybody can download!

Prize Fiesta is a free game that is available on all media, allowing you to earn points and convert them into real gifts. That’s it! You can play anywhere you’re your computer, tablet, smartphone… Feeling bored, jump into a little adventure to win more points! Use every minute of your time to accumulate prizes in the game, and you will eventually open the treasure cave.

In most games, you can win virtual rewards, simple colored trophies, but this game gives you the opportunity to win real gifts that are delivered straight to your home by mail (or courier), given that your country of residence meets the conditions.

The game is accessible to everyone! You can either download the app from Google Play or App Store. If you are using a laptop or computer, just visit the game’s website and play online. If you are using Facebook, then that is some good news, you can play directly by using your account and check your friends’ scores and ask them to send you gems!

However, how do you make a good sense of playing and get the highest points in this type of game? Let us explain everything to you!

How to be good to win?

Very simple! This is a match-3 game, the most well-known representative that is the “Diamond!” It can be found on almost all Windows worldwide, and it can also be “Candy Crush.” The goal is to combine the same symbols on a grid and mix them all together: when 3 symbols are aligned vertically or horizontally, the row disappears, leaving a place for the other symbols to drop from the top of the screen into the columns thus released. That gives you the chance to make new combinations. It’s very easy and also engaging. You only need to click a symbol, and then click the symbol next to it to swap their positions to align 3 symbols in a row or column.

However, in order to get the maximum score, it is not enough to accumulate simple lines, and when there are no more viable combinations on the board, you may get stuck. The biggest number of points in the game is the combos! Here are some fun tricks in order to play better.

Privilege the bottom of the screen:

The main thing to keep in mind that allows you to play well on a match-3 game: It is best to play on the lines at the bottom of the board. This way, you can ensure that you always move things by “moving down” the stack to see new symbols from the top of the screen. You will not be stuck in front of a circuit board that has no more combinations available. If you choose between several combinations that can give you so many points, choose the ones at the bottom of the screen first!

Creating explosive crossings:

If aligning 3 symbols can make you win some points, it is way better to make a series of combining 3 symbols that are valid at the same time to maximize points. Make sure you align the same symbols so that you can verify one horizontal line and one vertical line at a time. The more symbols you “pop” at a time, the larger the combination and the more points you will gain!

Take advantage of the jokers:

Bonuses allow you to perform super fun actions in order to unlock grids that are in a bad position or gives you the opportunity to make super combos. One of the most famous jokers allows you to omit all copies of the symbol you selected on the entire screen. Perfect for breaking many rows and moving the entire grid at once, allowing you to make combos that keep getting stuck! Crazy, right!?

However, do not leave your jokers for later use! Use them quickly so you can pile up their effects and speed up.

Explode from the beginning what blocks your way:

Certain levels will leave you in trouble, and you must quickly eliminate obstacles so that you can play on the grid. Do not let these obstacles last forever: you may encounter too many symbols and eventually block the grid. Instead, try to clear those obstacles from the start to free up some space and score as many points as possible.

Get more gems:

You can also get award points and virtual dollars for free. Here are the three most recommended tips:

Play spin (friend bonus),

Participate in the three-week contests,

Open your daily gift (free bonus for the day).

Bonuses and contests let the players earn points, bonuses, and dollars to stock in a virtual piggy bank: when you have accumulated enough money, open the cave to start unlocking the gifts of your choice. As you win levels, the game becomes harder and harder, but the prize money also becomes more generous! So go rock these levels!

Winning real gifts with Prize Fiesta:

This kind of game is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and it is not for nothing. For example, by 2021, Prize Fiesta has a plan to send 20% more presents than last year. Just because the game knew an important success: the app has been downloaded more than a million times on Google Play! The lucky winners will receive game consoles, TVs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, connected watches, blenders, etc.

Be careful! As we already said, the real bonuses are reserved for adult players only (although you can start without winning at the age of 13).

Do not think twice! Just check the official website to take a closer look at the game or install the app on your Android or iOS device. Have fun giving gifts to one another.


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