Project Zomboid TV Schedule Guide

project zomboid TV schedule guide

In the post-apocalyptic world of Zomboid Project, experience is something you should cultivate and actively pursue. You need to improve many skills, so it is quite difficult to find other sources of EXP. Luckily, there was a fairly easy way to gain experience in carpentry, fishing, and cooking at the start of the outbreak. TV is a great passive way to level these talents as long as you enjoy the early days of the apocalypse.

Television in Project Zomboid

There’s little tech you can use during the early days of Project Zomboid, and one of the very first things you need to do is level up some of the most basic but essential skills. During the first nine days of the outbreak, you can still use the TV and earn EXP by watching various useful channels.

Depending on the time of day, you can watch three different educational channels, which will reward you with decent experience for selected skills if you’re looking for a reliable way to reach level three in cooking and carpentry. You can also earn a bit of progression in fishing, farming, foraging, and trapping.

TV channels

Several channels are available to watch on the TV, but only one is relevant for upgrading your skills. Of the five choices, only Life and Living Television will provide you with EXP for watching it at certain times of the day. The others are generic information strings or provide more information about the game. They can help alleviate some of the status ailments plaguing your character. Here are the remaining channels you can check on TV in Project Zomboid:

Triple-N WBLN News Turbo PawsTV Television Program

If you want to gain experience through television, you need to know the channel lineup. There will be different educational shows on specific timeslots, so you should make sure to get it if you want to progress in a particular skill. Here is the 8-day program for television:

Day 1 00:00 – Fishing (75 XP) 06:00 – Cooking (12.5 XP) 12:00 – Carpentry (75 XP) 06:00 – Fishing (75 XP) Day 2 06:00 – Cooking (75 XP) ) 12:00 – Carpentry (75 XP) 06:00 – Farming (75 XP) Day 3 06:00 – Cooking (75 XP) 12:00 – Carpentry (100 XP) 06:00 – Fishing (75 XP) Day 4 06:00 – Cooking (87.5 XP) 12:00 – Carpentry (75 XP) Day 5 06:00 – Cooking (75 XP) 12:00 – Carpentry (112.5 XP) 06:00 – Picking ( 50 XP) Day 6 06:00 – Cooking (62.5 XP) 12:00 – Carpentry (100 XP) 06:00 – Gathering (112.5 XP) Day Seven 06:00 – Cooking (87.5 XP) 12:00 – Carpentry (112.5 XP) 6 a.m. – Gathering (100 XP) Day 8 6 a.m. – Cooking (125 XP) 12 p.m. – Carpentry (37.5 XP) Day 9

The television broadcast only lasts until 6 a.m. on the ninth day. Thereafter, there will be a total media blackout, and players will no longer be able to access the educational channels. The most remarkable thing about it is that the TV focuses more on cooking and carpentry. You can reach level three of both skills just by watching. Cable offers different educational channels that will provide XP for various areas, which changes depending on the day.

How to Use the TV in Project Zomboid

Luckily for gamers, operating the TV is as easy as flipping a switch. After turning on the TV, you can choose different options through the control panel. You can use the controls to turn on/off the device to see if there is power. Additionally, you can adjust the volume of the TV or turn it off completely to avoid attracting hordes, as loud sounds can draw unwanted attention from zombies.

The last option allows players to tune in to the channel they want to watch. It should be noted that all these actions take time to complete because there is an animation when performing the tasks. Interrupting the streak can abort the effort you are trying to accomplish.

Things to remember: Traits will affect how strongly you are influenced by watching the Life and Living TV channel. For example, Slow Learner would reduce the amount of EXP you earn, while Fast Learner would significantly increase it. Watching the Education Channel at too high a volume or experiencing it after you’ve finished watching will attract a horde of zombies. Be sure to turn down the volume or turn off the TV after using it. After nine days, you can’t watch anything on TV that would be useful to you. However, you can still improve your skills by reading or engaging in activities related to particular areas.

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