Ranking EVERY Cozy Switch Game in 2022 from Best to Worst!


33 Nintendo Switch Games that I played this year ranked from best to worst!

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Games mentioned:
Bratz Flaunt Your Fashion
Fire Emblem Warriors: 3 Hopes
Nintendo Switch Sports
Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Beacon Pines
A Little to the Left
Cult of the Lamb
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Endling Extinction is Forever
No Mans Sky
Kirby and the Forgotten Land
Two Point Campus
Lets Build a Zoo
Lonesome Village
Wylde Flowers
Splatoon 3
We Are OFK
Mario Strikers
Potion Permit
Pokemon Legends Arceus
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Perona 5 Royal
Lost in Play
Lemon Cake
Hokko Life
Bunny Park
Cat Cafe Manager
Bear and Breakfast

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  1. I love potion permit for the same reason as you and I'm really happy someone else loved it. I've seen/hear many people not liking it or putting in c tier. I found myself many times excited just to grind flowers or fruits, etc just because of the astetics and the music of this area it is relaxing and not as punishing as stardew valley (do not lose money when being to late at night) I 100% recommend it even if it's not an S tier. And the fact that there isn't farming in makes it not overwhelming by all the things to do with the stamina & day time.????

  2. I'm so glad someone else agrees with me about Splatoon. I loved it for the first few weeks I was playing but trying to come back to it after a shork break it is kind of miserable to play. Granted I suck at shooter games but I am so tired of either winning by a landslide or loosing for 10 games in a row.

  3. Xenoblade 2 is indeed good and all but one criticism is how the characters look. The colors are good, the personalities are good, BUT it’s the figure on some that are not my interest. Yes do not play it in public areas (though I haven’t experienced it). The other three (I’m counting Xenoblade X too) are better with the characters.

    As for Splatoon 3, yeah you’re dealing with not only as a sweat but they’re also known as veteran players who have previously played Splatoon 1 & 2. Unfortunately, you’re looking at one here too. Guilty. For me it would be an A tier. So if you want to win, I highly recommend to go to training with a friend or alone.

    I’m going to disagree with your opinion on putting Pokémon SV in C tier, yet I’m respecting your choice. The reason I disagree is that the game is good, the characters are beautiful, and I love the region. Yes, there were and still a few bugs going on which right now it’s much better as we speak. There’s another patch on the way while DLC is coming as well. I think between A and B is good.

  4. I just started playing Beacon Pines yesterday (because I got xbox gamepass) and I expected it to be a lil emotional but a overall cozy story game(I didnt read much into it befor downloading) and once I got more threw the game the more I cried, and just like you said I could not stop. I have not got all the way threw but it has been amazing so far and so heart renching.

  5. Jeez you started talking about Xenoblade and I immediately began crying haha. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was my first game in the series and i totally agree with your assessment! I was devastated

  6. Love this. I started watching this video and felt like I found quite a few games that I feel I'd enjoy! Such a relief, because I haven't really found an entire video that talks about games that resonates with me, thank you for this video!

    Goes without saying, it also gave me good insights about game that I've heard about so much! Love it!

  7. My favourite game in 2022 by far was Pokemon Legends Arceus as it is the best pokemon game out imo I like Pokemon Violet however I love the fact that in Legends Arcues the pokemon can attack you so sneaking is vital and I especially love the fact that you can throw pokeballs and catch the pokemon without battling them (reminds me of the anime). Yes admittedly the travelling back to the village after every area was annoying but other than that I have no complaints and I still cant believe that they gave us the shiny sound in Legends Arceus and took it away again in Pokemon Violet ????

  8. I always wanna enjoy these cozy games, chill, prop up my feet on the couch and just play. But the competitive person inside of me refuses to relax when playing any of these. I kid you not I religiously went through gamefaq walkthroughs when I played persona 5 just because I didn't want to miss a thing

  9. Your reactions to and reviews of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 single-handedly made me pick up 1 and 2 and start to play thru them in hopes that I will one day maybe have that same emotional reaction that you did.

  10. Good ranking!!! I see for who the recent franchise of Pokemon is.. extreme casuals. For me Violet was very good looking, little to no glitches, but total garbage combat, either you 1 shot others or they 1 shot you. The bad good guys was cringe, one outfit for entire game .. nah brooo that's just lame. Pokemon Violet C tier for sure!

  11. I'm so sorry you have quite a few issues with various games on switch. As someone who exclusively uses PC for games (also because I royally suck at using game controllers), many of the issues on switch are either less severe or nonexistent. DLV has the occasional glitch or small error but is probably 90-95% functional on PC (and my most played game by hundreds of hours oops lol). Thank you for introducing unknown games to me or fleshing out ones I was hesitant to try. You're a gem! 😉 *Maybe try PC for a few games that you like but have issues on switch to see if that changes your mind….just a thought. Take care now! 😀

  12. I love this video so much! I enjoy a more casual puzzle, story-driven or adventure style of gaming and I always struggle to understand if I'm going to like a game or not based on reviews. This video told me precisely what I needed to know! I look forward to putting some of these games on my wishlist!


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