Ranking Every Mario Party Game


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  1. One positive I will say for Mario Party 9 is that I enjoyed the story mode. I thought it was a well-structured framing device and the boss battles they added to the regular Mario Party gameplay was able to keep it exciting. I will admit I'm a little biased since I did grow up with 9 (along with 8 and DS) and I haven't played it in a while to see if it holds up, but I remember having a lot of fun with it. Though I also remember being super impressed with the graphics which I know for a fact wouldn't be the same a decade later

  2. Me:

    16. Mario Party Top 100
    15. Mario Party 10
    14. Mario Party 9
    13. Mario Party Island Tour
    12. Mario Party Advance
    11. Mario Party Star Rush
    10. Super Mario Party
    9. Mario Party 8
    8. Mario Party 7
    7. Mario Party 4
    6. Mario Party 5
    5. Mario Party
    4. Mario Party DS
    3. Mario Party 6
    2. Mario Party 2
    1. Mario Party 3

  3. Mario party 8 marked the downfall of the series. It seemed so bare bones – and most of the games that came after were total ass. I'm also surprised you didn't mention the present room in Mario Party 4. Getting the unlockables definitely added replayability! I had a lot of fun getting those little figures in the story mode.

  4. My version of ranking every Mario Party game:
    Mario Party 10(I agree it's terrible)
    Mario Party 9(Dumb cars)
    Mario Party 7(nothing new at all)
    Mario Party The Top 100(Classic minigames, but no classic Boards)
    Mario Party Star Rush(Not a star rush)
    Mario Party Advance(Fetch & quest)
    Mario Party DS(The characters get shirked)
    Mario Party 8(No great boards)
    Mario Party 4(New graphics)
    Mario Party 6(Day & Night cycles)
    Mario Party 5(The star spirits are back)
    Mario Party 3(Fun minigames)
    Mario Party 1(A great classic with chance time)
    Mario Party 2(Fun characters, boards, & minigames)
    Mario Party Superstars(Includes all of the classic console Mario Parties in one)
    Mario Party Island Tour(The very first Mario game I ever played & is a fun experience for everyone new)

  5. Here's my list:

    17-14: The Dark Age of Mario Party. Between 2013 and 2017, Mario Party sunk into a sea of garbage with every game released during this time being worse than MP1, MP9, or Advanced.

    17. Top 100: A game that's supposed to have the best minigames from each Mario Party combined turns out to be a dud because the idiot developers have a different definition on what "best" means. They also show their clear bias with certain games. Instead of fairly taking10 minigames from each Mario Party, they create a huge disparity between the different titles. Mario Party 5 gets 17 minigames and Mario Party 8 gets only 3 minigames respectively. While actual fan favorites like Shy Guy Says, Hexagon Heat, Shell Shocked, Slot Car Derby, etc are chosen; Other games that are not popular and/or hated are included. Tug O War for example is included when the game is extremely hated. Other unpopular or strange choices include Piranha Pursuit, Honeycomb Havoc, Snowball Summit, The Beat Goes On (One of the MOST hated games in Mario Party), Tidal Toss, Mario Speedwagons, etc.

    They include quite a few button mashers and luck based minigames as well, and I don't think there are many people who actually like these minigames, it feels more like they focused on what to include for minigame island rather than choosing the fan favorites. It's an unbalanced mess of a game. Outside of minigame island, there's only 1 regular board to play on, its essentially star rush but worse. It has little to no replay value.

    16. Island Tour: The worst regular Mario Party. There are 7 boards to play on and most of them are either too short or rely too much on luck. One of the boards can only be PLAYED with multiple people! Who designs a game like that?? Banzai Bill Mountain, Rocket Road, and Bowser's Peculiar Peak are all luck meaning no matter how well you play, you will still have high chances of losing because the game decides to not let you win, which creates the question on what the point of trying to win the minigames. I played the Bowser Board and got 1st every single time, yet I still lost because of terrible luck. The only boards that you can call good are Palace Path and Star-Crossed Starway but even they have instances of reliance on luck in them.

    The story mode is nothing special. Bowser is using some machine to create bubbles to steal the "fun" because he wasn't invited to join Mario and the gang from having fun. Sounds familiar? It's a combination rehash of both Mario Party 7's and 9's story modes. The minigames are ok, there's alot of them and it outnumbers a lot of the console Mario parties. Problem? There's only 1 category of minigames, no teams, no duels, none of it!

    Oh yea, and it can have connection issues with other people in-game, which happens often enough to annoy you.

    15. Mario Party Star Rush: The best out of the 3 handhelds because there's an actual sense of gameplay here. More strategy is involved and the games can last longer than half an hour or less. The general gameplay is decently original, better than the car or going in a straight line. The downsides of Star Rush is that it shares the same problem with Island Tour of having only one category of minigames while at the same time having way less amount of them than IT. It only has 26 free-for-all games, and while that sounds like a lot by older Mario party standards, you have to recall that Mario Party DS itself had 32 of these types of games, alongside the other categories. Mario Party DS has 72 minigames compared to Star Rushes 53, why?? But in general the minigames are better quality than Island Tours because you don't need to rely on motion controls. The Boss minigames are uncreative at this point because every one consists of the same character's we've seen in past Mario Parties.

    It shares the connection issues like Island Tour, abit it's even worse here. Many a game die because of these connection issues.

    14. Mario Party 10: The best out of the four Dark Age games, but only because it isn't a handheld and doesn't have connection issues. The Graphics are beautiful and the minigames are fun, that's really all it has going for it. The game amplifies the flaws of MP9 while adding in new ones.

    There are only 5 boards in this game, this is an incredibly miniscule amount of boards! Especially for a console that's supposed to be stronger than the Wii or Gamecube! The only other game that has the same amount of boards is DS, and that one is MUCH weaker than the Wii U in strength and even still it makes the boards look nice! No excuse other than lack of ideas. Heck, they copy most of the same themes from 9. The grass board, The water board, and the haunted board. The Bowser Board is different from the one in 9, but it has the same general theme as almost all the bower boards before it; Lava Land with a ton of spikes. The only truly unique board is Airship Central, an actual concept that no other Mario Party has truly made use of. Some boards did take place in clouds, but not so much to have Airships be the main focus. The boards in the game feel, and in some cases are, even shorter than the boards in MP9 which again makes no sense. Why would they go backwards and make them longer to have the game on longer?

    The other two modes are pretty lackluster as well. The Bowser Party mode is hyped up and is fun…..for the single player that is. Bowser is made completely overpowered and the team has almost no chance on beating him unless they roll good and bowser rolls bad. Most of the Bowser games allow the one player to easily take off a good chunk of the team's hearts and they can only hope to pray that the one player isn't that great at the game. It's overall an unbalanced game mode.

    The final main mode is Amiibo party and boy is it barebones. It's a slap in the face to the people who wanted to play the old Mario party but all they get is a board game that requires them to purchase figures in order to play. The concept of the board changing based on the character is unique, but the board is the same square no matter what and there's barely any fun in the events. The only good thing about it is that a minigame is played at the end of each turn, like the standard Mario party formula. Otherwise it's the most barebones Mario Party experience you can possibly play.

    The side content is extremely lack-luster. All you get is the standard minigame tournament mode and a mode called "Bowser's Challenge" which consists of a solo player trying to take out all cpu players in each bowser game". Little to no replay value.

    The only good things about this game like I said before are the graphics and Minigames. This is one of the most pretty Mario Parties and it's hard to deny it. The Minigames are overall pretty fun and it actually has all 3 basic minigame categories. Something most other Dark Age Mario Parties lack. But graphics and minigames aren't enough to make a good Mario Party. The Gameplay is the most important and Nintendo screwed up 2/3rds of it.

  6. Looking at this list again, Mario Party Island Tour should not be above 9 or 10. I get most of us don't like the car mechanic, but at least you get at least mild enjoyment out of it and the minigames are fun. Island Tour on the other hand, has all of its boards be easily completable in half an hour or less. I saw a stream where they only played ONE minigame throughout the entirety of it! It's one of the worst Mario Parties ever! It's only above Top 100.

    I also disagree with 8 and 7 being placed below 4. The boards in the former two have unique themes and goals while maintaining the Mario party aspects. They both have better side-content as well. The only aspect I feel that is debatable are the minigames, but overall I think 7 and 8 are the better overall games.

    Edit: Also, Nathanial's entire reasoning for why MP1 is so high on the list is because "It's the most punishing in the MP Series and it has charm because of that" is flawed. It has tension sure, but other Mario Parties have tension as well. He's trying to cover his nostalgic bias by a guise of masochism. It's clearly obvious that he favors MP1 because it's a N64 game, his favorite console of all time. To add more salt to the wound he places it above MP3, objectively one of the best MP's mechanically. to add even more salt, He places 1 above 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 despite them being better games than 1 with their own trolley moments. If you see someone who places 1 above any MP game from 2 to 8, then that is an opinion you can't respect. If you want a more objective perspective of the Mario Party games, check Silok Hawk's or KingK's videos.

  7. 17: Mario Party 10 (2015)(Wii U)(Bowser Party, Amiibo Party, Cars)
    16: Advance (2005)(GBA)(Single Player, Adventure Mode)
    15: The Top 100 (2017)(3DS)(100 of the “best” minigames)
    14: Island Tour (2013)(3DS)(Board Gimmicks, 81 Minigames)
    13: Mario Party 9 (2012)(Wii)(Cars, Mini Stars, Bosses)
    12: Star Rush (2016)(3DS)(Bosses, Toad Scramble, Coinathon)
    11: Mario Party (1998)(N64)(Straight Up Evil, Single Player Minigames)
    10: Super Mario Party (2018)(Switch)(Online, Minigame Select, River Survival)
    9: Mario Party 4 (2002)(Gamecube)(Mushrooms, Challenge)
    8: Mario Party 7 (2005)(Gamecube)(Travel Theme, Bowser Time, 8 Player)
    7: Mario Party DS (2007)(DS)(Small Theme, Online Multiplayer)
    6: Mario Party 5 (2003)(Gamecube)(Capsules, DK Space, Team Names, Tank Mode)
    5: Superstars (2021)(Returning Boards and Minigames)
    4: Mario Party 2 (1999)(N64)(Costumes, Movie Genre Boards, Items)
    3: Mario Party 3 (2000)(N64)(Story Mode, Boards)
    2: Mario Party 6 (2004)(Gamecube)(Day n’ Night, Mic Minigames)
    1: Mario Party 8 (2007)(Wii)(Motion Controls, Monopoly Board, Blooper)

  8. I really enjoyed ur video. I almost forgot how great MP DS was. But the music got me back to the times I spent all night playing it together with my best friend. You could share the game to any other DS that was so cool. I really enjoy playing MP8 on Wii rn. It's a little bit more modern and I notice in most of very old games there is a bit a lack of everything. Espacially Minigames. We need more Minigames. Imagine MP with like 1000 Minigames. Would be soo cool.

    I think we all can agree on one point. They should make a Mario Party Collection game for the switch. With alle the fun and exciting maps (I can speak for the MP8 and DS Maps) and good fun minigames. Remake it. Polish it. Bring it back on the switch. Like I dont have a switch and I would spent easy 1000€ to get this particular game + Switch.
    This would be the dream of all us here I think. All the good old Maps and Minigames in 4K on a not too shaby console. I would invite all my friends over every single weekend for sure.

  9. Each to their own but mario party Island tour is my favourite because it's my first ever mario party game I owned I literally screamed internally when I was able to buy it and I spent many hours playing it.


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