Ranking Every New Super Mario Bros. DS Boss!


New Super Mario Bros. is now a game series, but it started as a Nintendo DS game that was meant to reboot the good old Super Mario Bros. games. This game has a couple of original bosses and a lot of Bowser Jr. fights! Let’s rank those bosses from worst to best!

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  1. Nice work?! Here's my list
    1. Big goomba 4-castle
    2. Lakithunder 7-castle
    3. Monty tank 6-castle
    4. Peteey piranha 5-castle
    5. Mummy pokey 2-caatle
    6. Dry bowser 8-castle
    7. Bowser jr
    8. Bowser 1-castle
    9. Cheep skipper 3-castle

  2. 18: Bowser Jr. (World 2)
    17: Bowser Jr. (World 1)
    16: Bowser Jr. (World 3)
    15: Bowser Jr. (World 5)
    14: Bowser (World 1)
    13: Bowser Jr. (World 6)
    12: Bowser Jr. (World 4)
    11: Cheep Skipper (World 3)
    10: Bowser Jr. (World 7)
    9: Bowser Jr. (World 8-Tower 2)
    8: Dry Bowser (World 8)
    7: Petey Piranha (World 5)
    6: Mega Goomba (World 4)
    5: Bowser Jr. (World 8-Tower)
    4: Mummy Pokey (World 2)
    3: Lakithunder (World 7)
    2: Monty Tank (World 6)
    1: Bowser and Bowser Jr. (World 8)

  3. this is kind of mocking towards this game, which it was my childhood, and the first video game i ever play. i didn't like how he keeps waving off all the fights as "easy". you know what easy? if we just had the koopalings over and over and over again. oh wait… that's what happens on the Wii. yea, they're just like bowser jr.. , but wait…! they shoot PROJECTILES sometimes! oh no how hard!
    in conclusion, i kinda don't like this guy much anymore :/

  4. Mine would be

    19. Bowser Jr. World 1, yeah easy boss that’s it
    18. Bowser Jr. World 2, it’s easy once again but the sand make it cooler
    17. Bowser Jr. World 3, Easy once again
    16. Bowser World 1 Pretty easy boss with a very violent death
    15. Bowser Jr. World 6 Tower 1, Pretty simple boss but the moving platform makes it cooler
    14. Bowser Jr, World 5 It’s actually a bit harder because of the ice that is slippery.
    13. Cheepskipper, It’s hard only because of how he behaves
    12. Bowser Jr. World 4, It’s Cooler because he wears his bandana and throws shells at you
    11. Bowser Jr. World 7, Same opinion but it’s a bit cooler
    10. Petey, Pretty nice boss overall that’s all
    9. Bowser Jr. World 8 tower 2 Cool boss mainly because of the layout
    8. Dry bowser, Cool boss fight because he throws bones at you
    7. Bowser Jr. World 8 Tower 1 It’s a cool and funny boss because he can defeat himself
    6. Bowser Jr. World 6 tower 2, it’s basically Tower 1 but lava is underneath it and it’s very cool
    5. Bowser and Bowser Jr. it’s a cool boss fight because your going against Bowser Jr and his father
    4. Mummipoki, It’s a nice boss mainly because he can troll you and trick you also
    3. Monty Tank, Easily one of the coolest boss fights because it’s a Monty mole in a tank
    2. Mega Goomba, Now sure this boss is stupid as it’s a mega Goomba but it’s so high because it’s a really fun and funny boss as well
    1. Lakithudner, I agree with the number 1 pick this guy has because lakithunder is such a cool boss


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