Ranking Wii Sports from Worst to Best [TetraBitGaming]


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  1. Ok I know it's an opinion but HOW could ANYONE THINK boxing is #1? Have you seen how terrible the motion controls are? You are constantly punching and your Mii does NOTHING! I absolutely hate the boxing gamemode, mostly because of how limited your controls feels, it's too repetitive, and they are the worst, least calibrated motion controls i have ever seen in my life. I'm sorry, but boxing sucks.

  2. GARBAGE list. Boxing is the WORST. It's super clunky, can be unresponsive at times, and the fact that you put bowling SO far behind it is RIDICULOUS. I know there's no such thing as a wrong opinion, but if there was, then this list would be one of them. It's that bad.

  3. The reason Frisbee is copyrighted is because there was a pie company where after they finished their pie, teens threw them like a disk, so Frisbee made a disk called, wait for it, frisbee


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