Realistic Shooter Games and Military Simulation in Under 10 Minutes


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  1. Great Video. 20 years ago I survived being Mr. Mom by playing Delta Force I and II against real life players via the internet. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I grew up playing "War" outside with my buddies…but wow, using really well simulated weapons and human brain vs human brain, it was an experience. Haven't done it for some time…but this video has got my juices flowing….maybe I should??

  2. best game i played it was SWAT 4 Multiplayer was insane specialy VIP escort mode that never experience in any other game game focus on cqb

  3. Loving Ready or Not right now, which is currently early access on steam.
    It's more co-op focused, with the PvP mode not even added yet, and it's SWAT based and not full on military sim. It's very clearly mostly inspired by Swat 4, but is just so much more polished and user friendly than that game was.
    Can't wait for it to get more content, and for the mechanics that are already implemented to get more polished and fleshed out.

  4. I wish we had one that was super realistic. Instead of people running around shooting each other, it should be similar to real life. Both sides hiding behind rubble and concrete exchanging suppressive fire with explosions every now and then.

    But no sweaty people, just realism.

  5. I literally saved up for my pc which I got 2 weeks ago just to play arma 3..I saw it on YouTube and it looked so cool,my ps4 friends are pissed that I sold out to pc…but it's worth loosing a few friends,don't you think?

  6. I need to come back to computer gaming. I attempted ArmA 2 when I was like 14 or 15, liked it a lot but I think I was still unable to fully appreciate all of it.
    Moved to console gaming for other franchises and games, especially sports games and the Yakuza franchise. No regrets for the most part, but there are no MilSim as per say there, and I would want to try ArmA or something similar…
    Ghost Recon wildlands is the most realistic there is on console I think, but still, very far from ArmA.
    Any chance you'd know of a game I may have missed on PS4? Great video btw!

  7. no game has ever made me feel the way squad does when i’m the last i’m alive in my squad trapped in an apartment building with enemy troops storming the stairs as i lay down fire and throw frags gets yah blood pumpin

  8. Well, I wish I could get into MilSim's, but they are so intimidating with everyone I need to know and do and I don't like getting shouted at so I just gave up on MilSim after being shouted at by my whole squad the first time I tried, even though I said I was new and apologized everytime I did something wrong..


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