Retroid Pocket 3 Nintendo DS Ultimate Settings Guide and Gameplay | Android | Handheld


This video will guide you through every setting you need to know to get perfect performance and optimal convenience when playing Nintendo DS on your Retroid Pocket 3. It also includes plenty of in-game footage to demonstrate what the setting do and the impact they have on various games.

00:00 Introduction
00:43 Video Settings
01:11 Audio Settings
01:24 Advance Wars Dual Strike
02:27 Drastic Screen Layouts
05:01 Burnout Legends
05:56 Castlevania Order of Ecclesia
08:45 Dragon Quest IV
09:00 Drastic Main Screen On Top Setting
09:40 Drastic Vertical Layout
10:22 Dragon Quest IX
11:15 Final Fantasy IV
13:40 Golden Sun Dark Dawn
14:00 Drastic Edge Marking Setting
16:01 Super Princess Peach
18:03 Closing

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  1. Haven't tried any DS games, but this video pretty much convinced me to give them a shot! Also, how did you set it up that the bumpers switch between the 2 screens? And another thing, how did you hide the on-screen controller button layout? When I bought and tried the Drastic Emulator, I couldn't figure out how to hide them…

  2. I tried to configure in my rp3+, but the touchscreen is not working, all the buttons works fine, but not the touch, i tried on zelda, phaton hourglass and spirit tracks.
    Is there any way there I can configure my touchscreen?

    PS: When I clicked on the menu button, works fine, it only doesnt work in game.

  3. please try PS1 games with Duckstation Emulator. I know PS1 won't be a problem, but I'm curious how far it can push the hardware with Highest resolusion possible, and some enhancements like MSAA antialiasing, PGXP, & widescreen hack.

  4. Hey peoples, please share how long it took to arrive from when you placed the order, and what country/state your in. That would also help others decide if to get one or something else.

    I'm on days 3 from order placed. No shipping update yet going into the weekend. ???? living in middle of U.S.

  5. Have you done GameCube yet? I'm trying to figure out why none of the gamecube buttons work. The games launch and play, but controls don't work, like I can't press start or have any button work. Even when I overlay the controls on screen, they do nothing – tried both regular dolphin emulator and dolphin handheld.


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