[RetroSeries] 90s Best of PC Games – Part: 2 1996-2000



In this series we have made 150 Best of Pc Games of 90’s collage. This is the second part between the years 1996-2000. 80 different games with their own sound effects and musics.. If we could add every memorable game to the video, it should last up to 1 hour ­čÖé So we decide to split the video into 2 main parts. (first part 1990-1995 already available on the channel) You can find the annual schedule below. We hope you enjoy and bring back fond memories. Also “Best of Nintendo” and “Sega” compilations in progress. As soon as possible, they will be uploaded to the channel. ————————————-
Video serimizde, en iyi 150 Pc Oyununu sizler i├žin kolaj yapt─▒k. ─░kinci k─▒s─▒m olan bu video 1996-2000 y─▒llar─▒n─▒ kapsamaktad─▒r. 80 tane farkl─▒ oyunu kendi ses ve m├╝zikleri ile bulacaks─▒n─▒z. E─čer son ak─▒lda kalan oyunu videoya ekleseydik 1 saati ge├žerdi. Bu y├╝zden videoyu iki ana k─▒sma ay─▒rmaya karar verdik. (birinci k─▒s─▒m zaten kanalda y├╝kl├╝ durumda) Y─▒l ├žizelgesini a┼ča─č─▒da bulabilirsiniz. Umar─▒z videoyu be─čenirsiniz ve g├╝zel an─▒lar─▒n─▒z─▒ hat─▒rlars─▒n─▒z. Ayr─▒ca “Nintendo ve Sega en iyiler” videosu yap─▒m a┼čamas─▒ndad─▒r. M├╝mk├╝n olan en k─▒sa s├╝rede onlarda kanaldaki yerini alacakt─▒r. ————————————————– ———————— Years / Y─▒llar 03:50 – 1997 09:35 – 1998 15:05 – 1999 18:22 – 2000 — ————————————————– ———————
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  1. "Best" games? This is just a list of games, half of which were trash. Yes there is plenty of jems on the list it doesn't excuse the fact that so many of them are plain dumpster fires.

  2. I remember playing the demo to fifa, it was included with another game which i can't remember. The first video game i was addicted to was Roller Coaster Tycoon. I played the sims on my cousins computer. Doom and wolfenstiein 3d were some of the first games i played on pc.

  3. 2. Toshinden was absolute dogshit on PC. the PS1 blew it out of the water in every single way.
    I remember having upgraded my PC and seeing it on a friends PS1 and being absolutely gutted.


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