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Video games have evolved a lot over the years as the age group involved in video games has changed. The video game scene has earned a lot more respect in the last years than ever and the number of gamers rises up every day. As a result, esport evolved just like normal sport with high prizes for winning which are sometimes even higher than on other big competitions. So along with the ability earning money just with playing video games esport organizations were built. The gamers are playing against each other in different games and game modes. The best ones and those who have won the most money are the most requested by the different esport organizations. Well-known examples are esport organizations like FaZe or Ghost. Today hundreds of different esport organizations are existing and battling for the first place and the recognition of the best esport team. But how to follow all this without missing interesting matches or results? In this article, we will review one website which shows all matches and results of the most important encounters.

What is “Esport” about?

The content of the website is all-around esports. You can see the esport live tournaments, the most important news about the games and esport, the upcoming esport tournaments with all the information you need, of course the results of the single matches and the VoDs of the tournaments. You can also take guides of betting on this website.

How does “Esport” work?

The news option: With the news option, you can see the latest news of the most important esport games. For example Fortnite, LoL, CoD, Overwatch or PUBG. There is not only information about the next esport tournaments but also general news about the games.

The tournaments option: With the tournaments option, you can see the upcoming or current tournaments. You can sort through all the different games as well as through the current, upcoming and all esport tournaments. You can follow easily all esport tournaments because you see the date they take place, the number of players, the prize and when you click on the tournament you can see information about the tournament and the prizes for the single places.

The esports option: With the esports option, you can see the live esport tournaments. You can sort it again by the different games. You can see the list of the tournaments with the match results and on some also the live stream. When you click on the different tournaments you can see the tournament information as well as the teams with their single players.

The VoD option: With the VoD option, you can see the VoDs of the last tournaments. You can sort it by the different games and by date and views.

The betting option: With the betting option, you can see some esport betting sites which are recomendend by esports. You can get betting guides which show you how to bet in general. You can also get game betting guides which are specialized in different games like CoD, Fortnite, LoL, PUBG or clash royale…

Our conclusion

It’s a website with many options all around esports. It’s a good site for everyone interested in esport no matter if you just want to know the results of some matches or if you are really into esport and don’t want to miss anything about esport. We can recommend it for everyone who likes esport and wants to know more about it.





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