Review – GAMERIDS: A website for real gamer


Video games have evolved a lot over the years as the age group involved in video games has changed. Today not only children are playing video games but adults and also seniors are playing too. No matter what type of gamer you are, what age you are or what games you like, every gamer has his favorite website with the gaming news and other information he needs. So we will review in this article Gamerids for those who still search their site or want a better one.

What is Gamerids?

Gamerids is a website where you can see all videogames, add them to your list, meet new players and follow the newest game information and news. The website is well designed and structured so it’s easy to find what you’re searching for.

How does Gamerids work?

A very nice option is the search-for-videogames-option. You can look through thousands of videogames and find your new game easy. Gamerids has more than 10000 games to discover. You can sort by the main consoles like PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Switch as well as between the older ones like the older Playstation-, Xbox- or Nintendo consoles. To make the search easier you can also sort by genre and by Date, A-Z or also by Metacritic. You can look up every information about the games you like, like for example the genre, the release date, the platforms it’s available for or also the game description. More special is the feature that you can look up the game trailer or also gameplay and the Metacritic for every game. And when you have found some interesting games which look attractive to you, you can add them to your list.

Our conclusion

Because of its well-structured design and its multitude of games Gamerids is for us a very good site which we can recommend to every gamer. The site is easy to work with and very helpful for everyone who needs a new game or just the newest information about the gaming scene. If you want to find your new favorite game or just look through the site click here.



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