Reviewing Every Game in the Wii Series (+Nintendo Switch Sports)


Why is the Wii Party so expensive on eBay? JOIN THE DISCORD! : Intro 0:00 Wii Sports 1:26 Wii Sports Resort 2:33 Wii Sports Club 5:19 Wii Play 6:21 Wii Play Motion 7:58 Wii Fit (Plus) 10:04 Wii Fit U 11:57 Wii Party 13:07 Wii Party U 14:19 Wii Music 15:31 Nintendo Switch Sports 17:40 Conclusion 18:28 All music used (in order of appearance): Menu Carmen (Wii Play) Billiards (Wii Play) Title Screen (Wii Sports) Untraceable Classical Music Title Screen (Wii Sports Resort) Bowling In-Game 1 (Wii Sports Resort) Cackletta’s Theme (Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga) Power Cruising – Results (Wii Sports Resort) ) Basketball – Results (Wii Sports Resort) Rondo Alla Turca (Lemmings) Title Screen (Wii Sports Club) Untraceable Classical Music 2 1P Table Tennis (Wii Play) Tower Theme (New Super Mario Bros) Lasar Hockey (Wii Play) Title Screen (Wii Play Motion) Main Theme Moonlight Sonata (Wii Fit Plus) Workout Menu Music (Wii Fit Plus) Main Menu Vivaldi – Spring (Wii Fit U) Rhaps Hungarian sodie #2 Bingo (Wii Party) Tr Ancendental Etude No.8 Apple Scramble (Wii Party U) Aviary Action (Cuphead) Main Theme (Nintendo Switch Sports) Wii Sports Series Melody (Super Smash Bros Ultimate) Sorry for the wait and thank you for watching ! .



  1. Conclusion: The only games that you will be coming back to playing after the first time is Wii Sports,Wii Sports Resort,Wii Sports Club and Nintendo Switch Sports all the other Wii series of games you would only return to 1-3 of your favorite minigames and ignore the rest of the minigames in after you already play all the minigames for the first time

  2. Wii play is the only game i can think of that fits the bill for shovelware but also an okay game. It was the game your mom would get just because it was $.99 at the bargain bin.

  3. Wii Party had one of my favorite modes: Snitch. You had to unlock it but essentially, one person secretly had an advantage in the minigames and the other players had to figure out who it was. It was fun, especially when you managed to trick your friends hehe


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