Rocket Slime Review (Nintendo DS)


Prepare to bounce back. In this slimy video, we cover the gooey adventures of Rocket, the robot … Slimenia’s slime and her Schleiman tank as we toss random things into a script and pray he tunes into this Dragon Quest Heroes review. : Rocket Slime for the Nintendo DS! ? Support the Channel ? ► Patreon: ► Humble Affiliate Link: https: // Partner … ► Green Man Gaming Affiliate Link: http: // … ?? Links ?? ? Review Playlist: https: // list … ? Beyond Dead Playlist: https: / / com / playlist? list … ? Ys Reviews: https: // list … ? SaGa Reviews: https: // list … ? News / Industry related videos: https: // List … ? AboveUp on Twitter: ? AboveUp on Twitch: / AboveUp ? Aboveup on Instagram: ? AboveUp full streaming VoD channel: http: // … ? Beyond Dead Steam page Curator: http: // … ? Steam AboveUp User Group: #DragonQuest #Enix #NintendoDS.



  1. I have found a translation for 3 but you still need the game or a rom but you need to mod a 3ds don't ask me were it is or how I can remember but it was an easy Google search when I found it before

  2. Wow that music took me back…I loved this game and it was the first one I ever beat all by myself I was so proud of myself. Also I remember it being strangely religious? Like there was a goddess and everything….

  3. i played it as a kid with my friend that owned the game but never got it because its VERY RARE in canada and believe it or not, i found it TODAY at my local retro video game store! i got it RIGHT away! i can finaly play again this is so amazing! im happy to see that i am not the only one that got this game in my heart since so long!

  4. Rocket Slime is my favorite game of all time. I got it when I was very young, I think 8 years old.
    It's never not been a fun and enjoyable experience for me. It will never budge from being my number 1 favorite game ever.

  5. The memories, I remember being angry because I couldn't be a girl slime ? but it was so fun, I played it over and over again.
    I also thought platypunks were cute :/ I might play this game again, it somehow never gets boring


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