[RUMOR] New Mainline Pokemon Game for Switch 1 + 2 in 2024!


The new Pokemon Game on Nintendo Switch 2024 has some info! Let’s discuss when the game will be revealed, and whether it’s a remake, or something totally new…or both?

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    Just merge "pokemon go" with "lets go pikachu"
    Add more continents so you can add all the generations
    You'll have a bigger stronger community, you'll make more money, you'll be able to play/trade with players online with tournaments
    You could even have it in VR

  2. If the switch 2 isn’t backwards compatible it will hurt sales in 2024 that’ll be the minimum requirement the cartridge system works fine Pokémon’s engine is what is hurting Pokémon like the Bethesda situation but a more powerful system that’s more capable to smooth out frame rates to get a more fleshed out game would be a win and phase out games for the switch over the next 12 months or so after release if you want ps5 quality buy a ps5 it’s a portable thing it doesn’t need to hit the power of the big consoles it just needs to run its games well 1080 60fps is perfectly achievable in a portable device and would be more than acceptable to me then more demanding games can lock at 30 and atleast be a smooth experience

  3. I think legends blew most of us away despite its glaring problems like the graphics. There was clearly a lot of passion put into the game and brought a true evolution to the stagnant series that is current Pokémon. I would love to see a sequel with a little more time in the oven to finally polish the formula

  4. Legends arceus was phenomenal. The graphics could certainly be better but it turned my childhood imagination into reality with the open world concept. S/V took that further but there are some things that I miss from Legends arceus but it really did well with the graphics. Back on DS black and white was my favorite so I would love to see an open world "remake" or a new game that returns to unova.

  5. We will not be getting a new Legends game or Gen 5 remakes in 2024 any remakes for Gen 5 will be in Gen 10 and I hope we do not get another Legends games as Legends Arceus was absolutely awful felt nothing like Pokemon at all and the storyline was boring by far the worst game in the franchise I enjoyed Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl so much more and please don't believe what leakers post only go with official information from Game Freak.


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