Save up to 54% on these Logitech PC gaming accessories •

Save up to 54% on these Logitech PC gaming accessories •

Pick up the G502 Hero for £ 36.99 – one of Digital Foundry’s most recommended mice.

The start of 2021 has been a relatively dry time for next-gen releases, but there have been some amazing games on Steam. Namely, there is a Viking survival sandbox game, Valheim, and the interminable Roguelike, Loop hero – which are well worth your time.

If you’re tempted to dive in and check them out and don’t know where to start with a gaming mouse and keyboard, or you’re just waiting for an opportunity to upgrade your setup, Amazon UK has lowered the price of some Logitechs. 54% of PC and gaming accessories.

Whether you’re working on a budget or just waiting for an opportunity to run your fingers around an affordable Logitech G502 Hero, all the basics are pretty much covered here.

One of the best deals on offer here is the G502 Hero, a lightweight and super responsive wired mouse that Digital Foundry recommended as one of their. best gaming mice. It’s perfect for gaming, especially first-person shooter games, thanks to its infinite scroll wheel and eleven programmable buttons. You can buy it here for just £ 36.99, that’s 54 percent of its suggested retail price.

If you’re looking for a high-end wireless option, we recommend the Logitech G903 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse. It’s a fantastic high-end gaming mouse with up to 180 hours of battery life (without the RGB lights on) and features a 16k HERO sensor that supports sensitivity from 100 to 16,000 DPI maximum. Available for a bargain price of just £ 61.99, it’s the cheapest we’ve seen.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you should probably check out the Logitech G305 Wireless Mouse. Sensitivity tops out at 12,000, but you won’t have to worry about replacing its batteries often as they will last around 250 hours. the Logitech G305 can be yours for £ 29.99.


Amazon also has some great deals on Logitech gaming keyboards. Let’s start with one of the best, the Logitech G910 Orion, a wired USB keyboard with super-responsive backlit keys that can be personalized with macros and synced with light patterns if that’s your thing. There’s a SmartPhone docking station for iOS and Android devices, along with a dedicated palm rest and media control.

This keyboard would usually cost you £ 160, but you can buy it on Amazon UK for £ 108.99.

If the G910’s lightweight touches aren’t your thing and you’re craving something that feels more old-school, the Logitech G513 is a great alternative.

It’s USB powered, comes with a palm rest, and has all of the dazzling, customizable color effects of the G910, but the only big difference is its clickable switches for audible keystrokes. You can grab the Logitech G513 keyboard here for £ 106.99.

Finally, if you’re looking for something cheaper than the keyboard we mentioned above, we recommend the Logitech G213, a solid all-rounder for a budget gaming keyboard with its slim body, individual lighting zones, and sound. dedicated multimedia control.

With Amazon reducing its price by 45%, £ 32.99 is the cheapest we’ve seen for the Logitech G213 keyboard.

In addition to the peripherals we mentioned above, there are many other Logitech keyboards and mice included in the sale, including 46% Off Logitech G635 Wired Gaming Headset.

You can consult the Full range of Logitech PC gaming accessories available here.

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