She Beat Elden Ring At Level 1 With A Single Hand, Even Malenia

She Beat Elden Ring At Level 1 With A Single Hand, Even Malenia

Twitch streamer MsMikka watches Malenia in her one-handed Elden Ring challenge.

Screenshot: Miss Mikkaa / Twitch

Most of us are lucky enough to say that we’ve survived the toughest optional bosses in Elden Ring, especially the endless torrent that awaits us at the end of the game. MissMikkaa is constructed differently, however. The Twitch streamer recently exploded on social media because she is the only person who can say that she defeated Elden Ring at level one with one hand. Suffice to say that she did it with one hand tied behind her back.

From the pictures, you can see that she has formed her hand to encompass the entire controller. His palm rests on the main joystick, while his thumb is positioned near the face buttons, leaving his fingers longer to reach the side buttons. There’s almost no room for button panic here, as every little thing has to be deliberate when you need to move your hand across the controller just to perform a simple action.

In total, the race took 75 hours of gameplay which was segmented across what it estimates to be 14 individual live streams. His character went with a bleed build that used Ashes of War like Seppuku, which inflicts a wound on itself in exchange for increased damage and a higher chance to affect a status effect. And before any of you say anything, remember she went through the game one handed without an upgrade, so going for a bleed build here isn’t the same thing katana chuds who just like to spam R2 with barely a brain cell.

Malenia was unsurprisingly the toughest part of the race overall. MissMikkaa guesses around 12 hours was spent just defeating Miquella’s blade, for a total of 290 fights against the Goddess of Rot. While Miss Mikkaa spent much of the game equipped for a medium roll, in this case she stripped her character down to nearly naked in order to achieve a light roll against the winged goddess. It’s a clever tactic that made moving around Malenia’s fast attacks more manageable, especially since the last big PVP-centric patch made this rolling faster. Even so, it’s also hilarious to see in action. We are degrees removed from the famous nude hero of Elden Ring, Let Me Solo Her, who is known for helping other players defeat Malenia. But can LMSH say he killed Malenia with one hand? I do not think so.

Malenia, you could have guessed, wasn’t the only obstacle standing in MissMikkaa’s way. For a good while, Maliketh kept one-shotting her, but that just made the moment when she finally destroyed him without getting hit a single time all the more sweet. My favorite thing about this portion of the stream is that moments before she buckles down to embarrass Maliketh, MissMikkaa is talking about her career path prior to Twitch. “I never really knew what I wanted to do, you know?” she said, before going on to pull off one of the year’s best feats in gaming.

The biggest surprise, she says, had to be Rennala. For many, Rennala is cited as one of the easier bosses. But it’s a little different when you go in with special rules.

“On most bosses I would use the target lock-on to make it so I didn’t have to control the camera that much,” MissMikkaa said. “But I noticed that each time Rennala summons in the second phase, there would often be problems when trying to re-target Rennala. It might not sound so hard, but if you only have one hand available it can become a challenge to execute the most basic inputs sometimes. And don’t get me started on targeting her sweetings…”

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As for the last moments of the race, they were intimate. Yes, Radagon and Elden Beast were difficult because they are two consecutive bosses, one of which has two phases. If you kill one, you still have to kill the other. But when she finally did, Miss Mikkaa stood confidently under the Elden Beast’s towering gaze, a sword in each hand. At the moment of the coup de grace, she burst out laughing.

“Oh my god, we did it,” she gasped. “Ancestral Beast! Deleted!” she exclaimed. That’s when she raised both hands to her head in disbelief. One arm was covered in a Twitch sock. She didn’t need it.

If you want to cosplay as Miss Mikkaa, it’s worth knowing what she ran with. The build used basic stat boosting items like Radagon’s Soreseal, Ritual Shield (which reduces damage by 30% when at full health), Ritual Sword (increases damage by 10% when HP is reached ), and a rotating set of other talismans. These included Lord of Blood’s Exultation, Millicent’s Prosthesis, and the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman, depending on the situation. For bosses that don’t bleed, she says, she opted for elements like fire or lightning instead. And since she was doing this mid-fat patch, she was of course wearing the always handy Opaline Hardtear, which is now one of the best items in the game.

“I am proud of my accomplishments and hope that those who have heard of them or witnessed them will be inspired to take on challenges like this themselves!” she said in a message. “When I overcome challenges like these, I see people doubting their own abilities, I don’t want that to be the case, rather I hope to encourage them!”


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