Shiny Final Fantasy XIV Player Wants To Become Even Brighter

Shiny Final Fantasy XIV Player Wants To Become Even Brighter

Shine, you crazy Chungo.

Shine on, you crazy Chungo. Screen capture: Square Enix / Timpini Woven

Like most online games, Final Fantasy XIV is what you make of it. You can focus on hitting the level cap in each job, focus on completing tough raids on maximum difficulty, or just cultivating a second life playing with your friends. But Chungo Humongo, a level 80 Roegadyn Paladin, has a much different mission: he wants to become as bright as possible.

“My goal is to be a flashbang, an icon for my server and for anyone who sees me having sunspots obstructing their vision and for their monitors to have my image permanently etched on their screens as they watch me with it. admiration, ”Chungo told Kotaku via private messages. “The next expansion, Endwalker, has to take place on the moon, so I guess my goal is to become visible from space by then.”

Jokes about damage to other players’ screens, Chungo has already garnered considerable attention in Final Fantasy XIV. He took his first steps towards coarse glow when a guild member presented him with a high level armor set that shone so brilliantly on his large Roegadyn frame that other adventurers would stop and compliment him on his “glorious” appearance. And attention in the game has apparently only increased since Chungo created a Reddit thread yesterday. ask for advice on how to get even brighter.

“I seem to have exploded in popularity,” Chungo said. “People are constantly walking up to me, looking at me and telling me they’ve seen me on Reddit or Twitter. I find it a very pleasant feeling.

Not-so-brilliant Chungo Humongo’s first day in his Final Fantasy XIV guild Screenshot: Square Enix / Ozen Scythe

Chungo’s guild today Screenshot: Square Enix / Timpini Woven

The pandemic has become such a focal point in all of our lives that it’s probably no surprise that covid-19 was what ultimately drew Chungo to online gambling. Separated from his family and isolated in his apartment for a four-month college semester which he calls the saddest time of his life, he picked up Final Fantasy XIV and found a welcoming veteran player base ready to show him off. the tricks of the trade. Soon he was part of a thriving guild and socialized with people again.

“Although new and underpopulated, the guild quickly snowballed as everyone invited their friends and family,” Chungo said. “It was during this period of expansion that one of the veteran guild members offered me shiny armor to reach level 50. It is the same set of armor that I wore in all popular screenshots and when I realized I was exceptionally bright. “

The guild joked that Chungo was pulling out group photos like a white spot, and he began to seriously look for ways to increase his brightness soon after. He got the Shining Curtana Nexus Sword and Holy Shield Nexus to go with his outfit, a process he described as “absurdly long” for only a slight visual change, and is currently interested in trying out the Elemental and Edengrace armor sets. thanks to a suggestion from Reddit. The quest doesn’t end with gear either: Chungo and a few of his guild mates, after learning that Wind-up Moon’s minions are essentially floating light bulbs, took the opportunity to summon a party to the mid-game settlement, “Effectively causing a second sun to rise over the town square.”

What a beautiful kid!

Screenshot: Square Enix / Timpini Woven

“People are separated from each other and it is important to find ways to adapt to reality; I think I found that while playing Final Fantasy XIV, ”Chungo said. “Today more than ever, people yearn for social relationships, and taking on this ridiculous task, even if it is done organically, means a lot to me because I manage to remove a bit of gloom from their lives. “

Final Fantasy XIV has become a great way for single gamers to meet new people and socialize while being stuck at home. While Chungo’s mission is, at first glance, a rather silly diversion, he has found real meaning and community in his quest to become a shining beacon in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. I’m not sure if online relationships like this will ever be a perfect substitute for in-person interaction, but anything that gets people out of their heads for a while (in moderation, of course) has to be a good thing.


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