Shockingly Terrible DS Games


Join TVGS as I list and discus some of the worst most shockingly terrible Nintendo DS games! There are so many bad games on the DS handheld console, that got was hard narrow down all of the awful games, so let me know your choices down below for your DS games to avoid!

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  1. I personally think Need For Speed Most Wanted NDS is the worst NDS Racing game to ever exist, it looks like it was made by 2020s EA and 2020s Ubisoft, and used physics that came straight from Satan's toilet

  2. Superman Returns felt like a journey, one last time. Despite no longer part of the Christopher Reeve Superman films. The plot for Returns like a one last time. Superman's costume looks almost something out of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns Superman.

  3. I miss you leaving the game name on the screen on the upper right corner the entire time. I sometimes miss the game name when you say it and like to be able to look there instead I'd rewinding it. Always liked that about your channel. Hopefully you didn't get rid of that.

  4. When you were talking about Astro Boy, I can't believe you didn't mention the worst part. Your health bar doesn't refill after finishing levels, so you're basically forced to restart the game if your health is low enough.

  5. I think duke is best left as he was. A new set of levels for 3d could be good but he was such a product of his time that he just doesn't work in a modern context.

  6. I managed to play and finish Lunar Dragon Song on my DS when I was a 10 year old kid. This game really taught me what RPG difficulty is, with all of its tedious game mechanics, like equipment stealing and breaking, running out of battle lowers your HP, low MP stats to execute high-demanding MP techniques or magic and the fact that getting money for buying items or equipment requires a large process. Replaying this game years later also reminds me that normal battles are much harder than boss battles.

    Something that I like from this game is its soundtrack, which is a little remarkable, with its sound room function that allows to enjoy them????

    So, if you're gonna give a try to this game, you should walk for the easy way, which is only getting stronger by grinding.


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