Shroud – One of the Best in FPS


If there was a list of the best FPS players of all time, you’d find Shroud right at the top. This is my tribute to Shroud, one of the most mechanically gifted players in all of FPS. _ Check out my video course on Aiming Formula with step-by-step videos to help you find your own personal aiming formula — _ ????Get a free aiming lesson here: https://www. _ ????Submit your VOD gameplay for a chance to be featured on the channel: _ ????‍????Coaching Lessons: https:// /course/ _ ????Follow me: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Discord: Website: _ ✅Support the channel: Patreon: _ ????Email: _ Check out Aim Lab, a free aiming training program on Steam: _ Subscribe to my Playerbase to access a set of custom training tasks and a private Discord channel : _ Get your CBD products at KOI CBD (use code “RAMBO”): _ ????Equipment: Mouse – Logitech G Pro Superlight: https:/ / Mousepad – Esports Tiger Qinsui 2 Large: Headset – HyperX Cloud Flight: Webcam – Logitech C920S: https://amzn .to/2Z4t0ZZ Microphone – Audio-Technica AT2020USB+: https:// Monitor – ZOWIE XL2546K: Adjustable Table – Jarvis Whiteboard Standing Desk: 2vxeMrp Monitor Arm – Jarvis: Secret Lab Chair: Back Posture Corrector: .



  1. This guy will most likley be known as one of the biggest cheaters in future. Also he completley skipped arena fps like quake,xonotic,warfork ect. (Probably because he would get destroyed)

  2. Pretty overrated cs player. Highlight machine but smoll brain team play. Big part of the reason the original cloud 9 method of finding 16 yr old god aimers won 0 majors. Team players like RUSH and Tarik won NA their only major.

  3. One criticism: If you are showing off his insane mechanics, you should not include 100% luck based shots. The KQLY shot from csgo is just luck it has nothing to do with his technique. I also imagine the jumping UMP kill is just luck, though i will admit that i dont have as deep knowledge of PUBG mechanics as i have of csgo.

  4. From 6:08 to 6:15 put it on 0.25 slow motion, draw your own conclusions. Observe how the aim descends super quickly in a totally artificial way. And look how fast he flicks on the middle guy even before he appears. see at 0.25x


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