Shroud Reviews the Upcoming 2023 Games


Shroud reviews the new games coming out in 2023 and shares his review and thoughts on them!

Go check it out 🙂

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  1. Had to lower the volume at some moments during trailers due to copyright strikes…

    Tried to make sure you could still hear it but blame copyright claimers </3

    <3 if you saw the secret announcement

  2. Lol it’s crazy once you realize how self righteous shroud is. Bro thinks he’s the authority on gaming cus he can aim good with a mouse and was good at CS 20 years ago. Get over yourself dog

  3. Shroud pretending to drink coffee as a cover up for all the nose candy he’s actually doing so he doesn’t wanna blow his head off after sitting infront of his computer with 20,000 people watching every move he makes the past 10 years.

  4. Omfg shroud saying the “slightly changed” PvE is so upsetting. Bro they promised full skill trees and progression for every character. And they put the PVE behind a paywall that being the battle pass. Huge L for shroud there like wtf why would he speak on it like he knew what he was talking about. Pretty ignorant given how many people were true fans and genuinely looking forward to that. Get off the high horse guy.

  5. Another person who agrees that Bethesdas Creation Engine is just bad.

    Starfield is on that (well an updated version of it) and I really hope they've done a good job in upgrading it to make the game FEEL better, as that will be the difference maker for me.

  6. Damn shroud you can't speak the truth no more ? Just say it is gonna be BAD seriously. We all know it is it not gonna go some being good. to being mmmh great is is gonna be great or BAD real bad. But hey if your taking corp d!ck.. I guess lies will fill the air..
    Bethesda, Had made some good games but they always need patchwork. <3

  7. There are times where you can get away with taking an old game engine and modding it to serve. These aren't those times. Bethesda is foolish to continue pushing that engine in the face of so much innovation. Hopefully Microsoft smacks some sense into them.

  8. almost everything being shown is pre-rendered cutscenes and probably not even in-engine footage. Pretty much all video game advertising and trailers are just flat out lies. Show me some actual gameplay or go away.

  9. First person shooters, all feel the same, space games, oh wow space, zzzz, driving games all done before great racing games, got need for speed for that , but that last NFS WOW JUST WOW, it was plane and bland, these overview games are like boring pc games no offence, bank robbing games done before

  10. Just recycled games, same meat just different gravy, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any one on here know a games developer in London city , England's capital????????????????????????????????????

  11. the argument about Starfield being on the same engine as 76 is retarded… Creation engine was used for skyrim and fallout 4 . both award winning titles that are still played by thousands … shroud is dumb


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