Softmodding Your Wii in 2023 – Install WADs + Play Wii/GameCube ISOs


Note: At 10:49 I say “Nintendont” when I meant “Priiloader”

This tutorial is mainly focused for new Ocarina of Time Speedrunners, but can also be used as a general softmodding guide. Instead of installing Ocarina of Time and the Practice Rom for example, you could install other Virtual Console channels, whatever pleases you. Aside from that, the rest of the tutorial is fairly generic and covers all the requirements for the modern softmodding workflow.

If you’re unable to load BootMii from the Homebrew Channel after installing it as boot2, restart your Wii instead.

Need to install version 4.3 despite Nintendo’s update services no longer working? Check the install document at the end of the description for a list of Wii games you can insert that install the update offline!

Also, please note that Ocarina of Time requires an Official IOS 9 release to be legal for speedrunning. If you are following this with a vanilla Wii, you don’t need to worry about having a potentially modified IOS9, but there are some older tutorials and apps out there that do modify the channel. If you think this applies to you, ensure you have the latest legal IOS9 after you finish this tutorial by using NUS Downloader to download a packed WAD of IOS9 v1034, placing it in your WADs folder on your SD Card, and then using Wii Mod Lite to install the WAD.

Install Document: .



  1. yo i have a serious question unrelated to the video, so i have a homebrewed wii and the guy who installed it said that you can't play wiimmifi but stuff like google and people on discord are saying that i can play wiimmfi, so i just wanna ask if you could actually play wimmfi with a homebrewed wii cuz idk what to believe

  2. So I’ve been watching this video for 2-3 days now, trying to figure out the last part. If anyone has any help, it would be appriciated. I know I can get GCN games in rom form and I also have a Wii game in a .rvz file format, but I can’t seem to figure out how to transfer them to ISOs if possible. Does anyone know how to transfer them to iso or download them directly as isos? Also when I move GCN games to my Wii can I put them on the flash drive too or only on the sd card? If I can would I just use Wii backup manager or something else because I don’t think the weirdly formatted drive lets me drop them in it… please help ????

  3. Hey, need some help!I followed all the instructions up wo Priiloader, and then skipped right to step 6 as all I wanted to do was play GameCube games. I was on the homebrew channel took out the SD to load Nintendont and the games, and when I turned off the Wii to rest it before loading the SD card it wont send any AV now. The Wii turn on and the disc light blinks but no AV. Did I destroy it?

  4. Thank you for the video. Was a bit fast for me (not native English speaker) but everything works as nintended. It just leaves one question open for me.
    What capture card do you use for the Wii?

  5. I want to install wiiware (0-point software like the "Check Mii Out Channel" with riiconnect24. Is it possible to virginize the system with those wads intact and riiconnect24 working?

  6. You go way to fast in this video, I cant follow it. Also this is way different from all of the other stuff I have watched. Im not saying your wrong or bad, im just confused by all the different stuff on yours.

  7. I haven't had the time to watch all this yet I only just found my old wii but back when I played it I did at least install homebrew so I could play modded mario kart but I didn't really know what I was doing, so my question is can I still follow this guide or did I screw myself over? I want to be able to run the games as wads cause I remember my wii doesn't like most game disc's so I'm hoping to get around that by doing this

  8. Great video! I've looked at all kinds of soft mod videos for the Wii and yours was hands down the best and easiest to understand! Google Doc was a great plus! Thanks so much!!

  9. i'll be honest, you are very informative, but you go WAY too fast and don't explain half of what you are making us do… u should really take your time in explaining. i got an issue when trying to load the d2x app. after you load it, the main screen where you press any button, i get an error unable to load and goes back into the homebrew channel. i thought id jump that part but at the end you mention how that is how you run backu games… kind of screws me in that case and i couldnt even get what i was really doing. error message : unable to get the module mload for the d2x-v10beta52 cios base 37

  10. Was doing well with this but got lost with the wads…don't know where you got those from. And all I'm trying to do is make my wii play back-up discs and dvd's. I got to the d2x bit, put the first download to the root of the sd card but then you start talking about v10 of the same thing and I've no idea where you got that from either. 🙁 I don't remeber things being this involved when I modded a wii to play backup discs 10 odd years or so ago. 🙁

  11. at 9:59 where I change my region to USA and it says Area/SysMenu mismatch, after that I can no longer access my system settings without some marc error appearing. while I don't particulary care about accessing my system settings, is it harmful in any way?

  12. Anybody know why Save Manager GX is not showing my saves? Do I need the IOS files for Save Manager GX. I know you need them for USB Loader GX but I was trying to use Save Manager GX to back up a few things as well before getting a USB stick.


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